Bob Woodward: New investigative book throws Donald Trump inability

In 34; Fear 34; The renowned journalist Bob Woodward draws a devastating picture of the president. Employees would hide papers and rant about their boss.

Bob Woodward: New investigative book throws Donald Trump inability

U.S. President Donald Trump's employees are said to have stolen and hidden papers from his desk to prevent m from impulsive actions, such as withdrawal from an important trade agreement with South Korea. Trump's now rejoined economic adviser Gary Cohn is said to have substantiated this, according to an employee, saying, "I have to protect country." Trump's former staff secretary Rob Porter is also said to have hidden papers several times. This is reported by renowned journalist Bob Woodward in his new book, Fear: Trump in White House. The book is on Washington Post and CNN Channel.

The White House distanced itself from book. The spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said: "This book is nothing more than fictional stories, many of angry former employees, told to make president look bad." She accused press of infrequently reporting Trump's "unprecedented successes." No one will be able to beat him in mid-term elections 2020, who would know "Democrats and ir allies in media".

Sarah Sanders says Woodward book is "Nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees." I spoke to several people who work in White House right now that told me y spoke W Woodward.

— Kaitlan Collins (@kaitlancollins) September 4, 2018

For book, Woodward, according to his own data, spoke to dozens of high-ranking officials and ex-officials from White House and recorded talks. Some of people interviewed appear in his book by name, ors anonymously. In addition, journalist relies on numerous documents, diaries, memos and also a handwritten note from Trump. With Trump himself, Woodward did not speak in spite of multiple efforts during Genesis. Only when manuscript was finished, Trump reported to Woodward and described book as a "bad book." The Washington Post, for which Woodward Works, released phone conversation.

Trump is "emotionally overwrought"

According to book, John Kelly, White House chief of staff, is said to have known Trump as "idiots" and "mentally disturbed". "We're in Crazytown," Kelly said during an employee meeting. "I don't even know why we're here at all. This is worst job I've ever had. " Kelly rejected citations as "not true" shortly after publication. The Secretary of Defense James Mattis is also quoted. He should have attested to trump "mind of a fifth or Sechstklässlers". Trump's former lawyer, John Dowd, named President Woodward as a "liar" who would end up in an "orange full-body suit" if he had to testify before special investigator Robert Mueller – a allusion to clothing of prison inmates. Both have not yet expressed ir views.

Overall, Woodward writes to media that Trump is "emotionally overwrought, moody, and unpredictable." The behaviour of his staff is a "nervous collapse of executive of most powerful country in world". Woodward is one of most famous investigative journalists in USA. In 1970s, he had revealed Watergate scandal that led to resignation of President Richard Nixon. For his work, Woodward received two Pulitzer Prizes.

Fear matches previous investigative books

Fear has already seen numerous or books that claim to provide interior views from White House and rely on interviews with closest employees of trumps. At beginning of year, for example, Michael Wolff's bestseller Fire and Fury appeared. It was also said that Trump's staff would sabotage him to protect country. "I think most simply want to prevent worst," said Wolff with an interview with time. "They are re to somehow keep this guy on a tight, clear path. The employees try to control Trump even though y know y can't control it. " Wolff Trump also spoke of mental abilities to lead country. "When you talk to a person who repeats over and over again, I think this is alarming," he said. Fire and Fury is criticised for numerous inaccuracies.

In April, an autobiography of dismissed FBI Chief James Comey appeared, larger than office. He describes Donald Trump as a lying slime ball, which is like a mafia boss, without morality and without any attachment to truth and values of our democracy. Last appeared in August unhunged by trumps ex-employee Omarosa Manigault-Newman. In it, it designates president as racists and women haters. She also released sound recordings of her dismissal, showing how Trump's staff work around president.

Updated Date: 05 September 2018, 12:00

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