Border conflict: Eritrea and Ethiopia take diplomatic relations

Eritrea and Ethiopia were hostile for almost twenty years. Now they want to re-open the borders and send diplomats. Soon there will even be scheduled flights.

Border conflict: Eritrea and Ethiopia take diplomatic relations

After almost twenty years of hostility, African States of Ethiopia and Eritrea have agreed on a resumption of ir diplomatic relations. As Ethiopian head of government Abiy Ahmed said, embassies should be set up and border opened.

Both sides want to create a direct telephone connection. Ethiopia should also have access to Red Sea-via a port in Eritrea. The national airline Ethiopian Airlines will soon be offering flights to Eritrea again.

Abiy and Eritrean President of Afworki had met on Sunday in Eritrea's capital, Asmara, for peace talks. When y greeted Asmara, two politicians embraced it-a historic gesture. On Twitter, Abiys wrote Chief of staff Arega: "Our two countries connect a story like no or. We can now overcome two decades of mistrust and move forward in a new direction. "

Thirty years of civil war

After a thirty years ' civil war, Eritrea had split off from Ethiopia in early 1990s. Through Eritrean Declaration of Independence 1993 Ethiopia lost access to Red Sea. In war for disputed territories, around 80,000 people had been killed between 1998 and 2000. According to ceasefire agreement of December 2000, thousand kilometre long border course should be determined by an international commission. However, Ethiopia refused to accept award of 2002. As a result, it was time and again that several hundred people were killed.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called talks as a first step to normalise relations with Eritrea. When he took office in April, Ethiopian head of government had spoken out for peace with Eritrea. In June, he had announced that he would withdraw completely from disputed border areas and acknowledge border development that a UN commission had already called for 2002. The peace negotiations had begun at end of June.

Ethiopia is second most populous state of Africa and one of fastest growing economies in world. After years of protests, reform-oriented Abiy opened country after taking office. He dismissed journalists and opposition politicians from prison, liberalized economy, and released hundreds of blocked websites. Eritrea is considered one of most repressive countries in world.

Date Of Update: 09 July 2018, 12:02

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