Border guard: Bavarian border police scored 500 hits

The CSU believes that the new Bavarian border Police are a complete success. The SPD, on the other hand, speaks of a PR gag. There are no figures on illegal refugees.

Border guard: Bavarian border police scored 500 hits

The CSU has drawn a positive conclusion almost two months after introduction of Bavarian border Police. However, neir federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer nor his Bavarian departmental colleague Joachim Herrmann (both CSU) called concrete figures on access to illegally entered refugees. The CSU had repeatedly justified introduction with high immigration of refugees without valid papers.

According to Bavarian radio, Bavarian border police had to deal with only four cases of illegal entry. Neir Seehofer nor Herrmann wanted to confirm this number. Seehofer only said that in Bavaria about one third of illegal entry into Germany took place. In order to restore ' law and order ', internal migration in EU must be halted. "This seems to be successful," as declining figures suggested.

According to Seehofer, police at internal borders must be used because of still insufficient controls at EU's external borders. That is why Bavarian border police are important in order to optimise safety. He refore negotiated with EU Commission and or federal states on "intelligent border controls of future", but he did not want to mention details.

500 hits

Instead of having details on refugees, Herrmann justified work of Bavaria's border police since beginning of July with general figures: since its foundation in early July, new Bavarian border police had about 1,750 advertisements for crimes and Offences. During this period, 500 were also hit, said Herrmann during a joint visit to a border inspection post at release of Seehofer.

In July, Bavarian border police had begun ir work, since 18 July an agreement with federal Police on border control has been in force. Herrmann and Seehofer praised cooperation in ir joint appearance. This is "respectful and effective," said federal Interior minister.

The main focus of Bavarian border controls is German-Austrian border in districts of Upper Bavaria, Lower Bavaria and Swabia. There is temporary and controlled in alternating places. In addition, re is blanket investigation in border area. According to Herrmann, Bavarian border police should grow from currently 500 officials to 2023 to a thousand officials.

"More staff instead of PR"

The top candidate of Bavarian SPD for Landtag election in October, Natascha Kohnen, criticized, Bayern need "more staff on street and not for PR at border". What is sold as a success is normal operation of police. The results of investigation were just as great as in previous years. A new Landtag will be elected in Bavaria on 14 October. According to polls, CSU is far from defending its absolute majority.

In meantime, Seehofer was once again confident that he would soon conclude an agreement with Italy on withdrawal of refugees. This is on a "very good way," said minister. It will also come to a conclusion with Italy.

The federal interior minister and CSU chief had triggered a government crisis in June with his demand to reject asylum seekers already registered elsewhere, directly on German-Austrian border. Later, government agreed to conclude with countries of origin as far as possible repatriation agreements, which allow a rejection within 48 hours. Agreements with Spain and Greece have been reached so far, and negotiations with Italy are still ongoing.

Date Of Update: 28 August 2018, 12:00

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