Border security: Few illegal entry via Austria

The union wants to reject registered migrants on the border with Austria elsewhere. However, only a small part of the currently controlled transitions occurs.

Border security: Few illegal entry via Austria

The rejection of Austrian border, which was intended in Union's compromise on asylum, seems to cover only a small part of illegal migration. Figures from federal Police show that 18,024 people entered illegally in first five months of this year, reports Rheinische Post. Of se came 4,935 over Austria. About 13,000 (73 percent), however, travelled across or borders. Illegally entered means that people came into country without a passport or visa and without an asylum request. Anor criterion is that y are already registered in anor EU country as seeking protection.

According to report, 2017 shares were similar. Thus, at border with Austria in last year 16,312 illegal entry was detected, in or border areas re were 33,823 cases. This year, according to statistics, 2,039 people travelled across Switzerland, 1,905 via Czech Republic, 1,622 via France, 857 via Belgium, 815 via Denmark, 789 via Poland and 627 via Nerlands. At airports, federal Police counted 3,747 ads for illegal entry, at seaports 591.

Refugees already registered in or EU countries can only be rejected at border crossings where police control. This is currently case at three Bavarian border crossings. People can usually enter country unhindered via green border or through uncontrolled border crossings. If y are taken up by veil investigators police directly behind border, y will be imprisoned. If y n seek protection as refugees or asylum, this claim is so far examined in Germany – entry is n no longer illegal in classical sense. According to new plans of CDU and CSU, se picked up are to be brought into so-called transit centres in proximity. In connection with se centres re is resistance from SPD. It is against such centers if y were closed. How to work exactly is still unclear.

Saxony calls for quick repatriation

Saxony's prime minister, Michael Kretschmer (CDU), demanded that refugees be returned more quickly without a claim to protection. "I strongly insist that people who are picked up in veil on German-Polish or German-Czech border come to anchor centres and procedures are massively reduced," said Kretschmer. The complete asylum procedure is to be carried out in anchor centres.

In view of long borders with France and Switzerland, Baden-Württemberg CDU regional group leader Andreas Jung also called for a retraction agreement with Switzerland. "Horst Seehofer should refore not only travel to Vienna, but also speak to Bern," said CDU politician.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:01

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