Brazil: Brazil's truck drivers continue to strike

For eight days, the long-haul drivers in Brazil are on strike in protest at high diesel prices. In supermarkets, food is lacking, at airports the kerosene.

Brazil: Brazil's truck drivers continue to strike

After a day-long strike by long-distance drivers in Brazil, President Michel Temer has steered and reduced diesel prices. Despite se concessions by government, long-distance drivers continued ir protest and blocked numerous roads – 550 according to federal police alone on Monday. This also had an impact on around a dozen airports: y lack kerosene. Several flights refore had to be cancelled.

Last week, truckers started ir protests against semi-state oil company Petrobras and high fuel prices. In May alone, price of petrol rose by about twelve and diesel price increased by 9.3 percent. Temer promised to reduce price of Dieselund toll for two months. After his Ankündigungbrach, share price of Petrobras was 14 percent.

In Brazil, most of goods are transported by trucks. Due to disstrike, many petrol stations remained without gasoline, obtained was scarce in supermarkets. Many factories also had to stop production, Weildas needed material did not arrive.

Date Of Update: 29 May 2018, 12:02

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