Brett Kavanaugh: I am an independent judge

Before the US Senate, Brett Kavanaugh has endeavoured to emphasize his neutrality. However, the candidate for the Supreme Court dodged a sensitive question about the US president.

Brett Kavanaugh:   I am an independent judge

At his hearing in US Senate, Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated and controversial by President Donald Trump, tried to strike a moderate tone. His opponents fear, among or things, that he could use his voice to help limit right of abortion for women in United States. In his questioning, however, Kavanaugh again indicated that he did not see any reason to question principle judgment of 1973 on subject. He also asserted his judicial independence, in which many Trump opponents doubt. Kavanaugh, however, gave up critical questions about wher prosecution of a President-in-Office was possible.

The Supreme Court is Supreme Court of United States and is an important institution in US policy. The interpretation of Constitution is highly political and sets fundamental points in most important social and political issues. The court would receive a clear conservative orientation for a long time in event of a confirmation Kavanaughs – which is considered probable. The nine judges are appointed for life. The nomination Kavanaughs, which is considered a very conservative jurist, is refore politically charged.

On Wednesday, Kavanaugh was consulted in detail about his legal views on various topics in US Senate justice Committee. Among m right of abortion for women: The ruling from year 1973, known under abbreviation Roe v. Wade, legalized abortions in USA. Kavanaugh said that this precedent has been decided and has been confirmed many times over past 45 years. "I understand importance of this question," he said. "I don't live in a bubble, I live in real world."

"Weapons are Dangerous"

The Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein confronted Kavanaugh with earlier decisions on gun law. Kavanaugh had reiterated right to bear arms in judgments and declared unconstitutional a planned firearms ban in capital Washington. Kavanaugh said at his hearing that guns were dangerous. He himself grew up in a city with a lot of gun crime and was aware of problems. Remarkably often, Kavanaugh referred to his family during interview and also mentioned his volunteer work in a food issue for poor.

Several times, Kavanaugh tried to dispel doubts about his independence. As a judge in Supreme Court, he always wanted to respect division of powers and not be influenced by political considerations. "Whoever has legal arguments on his side wins," he said. "I am an independent judge."

The Democrats fear that lawyer could influence Supreme Court in such a way that he could prevent trumps from being prosecuted for constitutional reasons. In 2009, Kavanaugh had decided not to bor a president during his tenure with civil or criminal proceedings or investigations.

Kavanaugh said, "This is a hypotical question, to question of Fein wher a President-in-Office should meet a subpoena." He couldn't answer that.

Riots at beginning of survey

Kavanaughs hearing had already started on Tuesday and will be continued on Thursday, possibly even on Friday. The Committee will later decide wher it recommends that Senate approve nomination, reject it or not make a recommendation.

The survey was accompanied by protests. At start on Tuesday re were riots in auditorium. Many people had protested loudly against Trump's wishing candidates and were detained for disturbance. Also on Wednesday re were repeated calls from Spectator Tribune. The Democratic committee members also complained of a lack of disclosure of information, including documents to assess judge's professional past.

Updated Date: 06 September 2018, 12:00

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