Brexit: EU citizens must inform about their domicile and criminal record

What happens to EU citizens after the Brexit? That was a major point of contention between the EU and the United Kingdom. Now Interior Minister Javid has presented his plans.

Brexit: EU citizens must inform about their domicile and criminal record

The British government has presented its plans for right of residence of EU citizens in UK after Brexit. So far, fate of about four million EU citizens in country has been one of most difficult issues in Brexit negotiations. The British government and EU have basically agreed on this last year. Now, Britain has announced details.

Until end of June 2021, EU citizens living in UK should have opportunity to apply for a permanent stay after Brexit, British Ministry of Interior shared. The application procedure should be "as simple as possible," said Interior Minister Sajid Javid in front of House of Lords of British Parliament. Applicants must be able to prove mselves and have a place of residence in United Kingdom. Moreover, y must not have been seriously offended. On or hand, a minimum income is not required, and EU foreigners can also catch up with ir families in United Kingdom.

Criticism of fees for application

According to Javid, applications can be made on Internet or via a smartphone app. The application cost 65 pounds for adults (roughly 74 euros) and 32.50 pounds for children.

It is estimated that about 3.5 million EU citizens live in UK. For all, application for a residence permit will be obligatory – except for Irish. Only those who have lived in UK for five years will receive a direct residence permit. All ors must first be content with a provisional document until y reach five-year limit. In addition, citizens from Schengen countries of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland should be able to apply for residence permits in this way.

Even those who come to UK after planned departure date on 29 March 2019 may remain, but must register at time of entry. After end of planned Brexit transitional phase in December 2020, EU citizens should no longer be allowed to immigrate to UK uncontrollably.

Criticism came from Brexit Commissioner of European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt. EU citizens would be "punished" by charges for Brexit, he criticized plans on Twitter. At same time, he complained of a "lack of preparation" for fate of about one million British citizens in EU.

Date Of Update: 22 June 2018, 12:02

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