Brexit: Heiko Maas rejects Great Britain's special wishes

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it is not the impression that the Brexit does not cause any disadvantages. He rejects special rules on access to the EU internal market.

Brexit: Heiko Maas rejects Great Britain's special wishes

In opinion of Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Britain cannot hope for special rules on access to EU internal market after Brexit. "Ultimately it will be a matter of resisting so-called raisin pecking," said SPD politician after a meeting with EU Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Berlin. The background to his statement is British attempts to claim some fundamental freedoms and to reject ors, such as freedom of movement within EU. According to Maas, it is not impression that a withdrawal from European Union does not cause any disadvantages.

Barnier also reiterated a rejection of British special rules. There will be "no market à la carte" for London, he said. The British "must respect who we are", demanded EU chief negotiator for Brexit.

London and Brussels must conclude negotiations on exit Treaty and on a statement on future relations in fact until EU summit in October, but negotiations are on spot. After summit, ratification of exit Treaty by parliaments of both sides remains only a few months until Brexit planned for 29 March 2019.

British minister issues Brexit deadline

According to federal government, clarification of border issue between Norrn Ireland and Ireland is last GroßeHürde in negotiations. An agreement must guarantee that re is no hard border between Republic of Ireland and British Norrn Ireland, said foreign minister. This guarantee must apply irrespective of how EU and United Kingdom governed ir relationship.

Barnier's negotiating partner, British Brexit Minister Dominic Raab, once again expressed confidence in House of Lords in London that an agreement with EU is within reach. But re is some leeway in timetable. There is "possibility that it will go beyond this," said Raab. Barnier spoke in Berlin from October or November.

In case of a hard Brexit, i.e. an exit without agreement with EU, United Kingdom will be subject to usual WTO rules from this date, including numerous border and customs restrictions on trade with EU.

Date Of Update: 30 August 2018, 12:00

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