Brussels: For Trump, Germany is the opponent

Transatlantic relations are not in crisis – that would be trivial. As at the NATO summit, Trump undermines our prosperity and our security.

Brussels: For Trump, Germany is the opponent

Germany is "totally controlled" by Russia, it is in a kind of "hostage". With this sis, President of United States invaded NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on morning of Brussels Summit. And n he left a whole series of attacks on Germany: Berlin does not give up enough for defense, makes itself dependent on Russia with new gas pipeline Nordstream 2 and neverless demand that US defend it.

Actually, it should only be a welcome breakfast for main partner of Western alliance. Trump, however, talked about baffled Stoltenberg and made clear who he considered main opponent: Germany Angela Merkels. Angela Merkel totally controlled by Putin, his hostage? The same Merkel who has imposed sanctions on Russia in Europe? Which, toger with French President Hollande, has stopped Putin's advance in Ukraine through Minsk agreement? What a madman!

It's not about Trump's lies

In psychoanalysis, this is called a projection: defense of one's own conflict by transferring it to ors. Donald Trump, as you know, is man in whose favor Russian intelligence service massively intervened in US election; Which threatens a subpoena of special investigator Robert Mueller for Russian connections of his environment; has not yet lost a single critical word about Putin's policy in Ukraine or Syria. And this man, of all people, claims at NATO summit that Merkel's Germany is in Putin's pocket.

He apparently sees Brussels summit only as a transit station to his real destination: The meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki next Monday. That's going to be "probably lightest part" of his trip, Trump called before his departure reporters in Washington.

To fend off impression that he himself is directly or indirectly dependent on Putin, Trump now puts it under German government. A transparent maneuver. And yet one should seriously deal with this in Berlin.

In no way will Germany obtain "60 to 70 percent" of its energy through planned pipeline. About a quarter of German energy demand is currently covered by Russian sources. But it's not a matter of refuting Trump's last lies. He's already going to cover her with new.

After all, he signed document...

What is important is to make clear in face of his unprecedented attacks: The American president actually sees Germany as an adversary. He attacks German economic model with his punitive duties, because successes of German exporters disturb him. Merkel's sticking to multilateralism and free trade goes against him as nationalists and protectionists. And of course it does not suit him that Germany has absorbed so many refugees and migrants. So his lies about increased crime rates. And that is why he is now deliberately undermining security architecture in which Germany has been able to experience decades of peaceful growth.

It is now a triviality to speak of a crisis of transatlantic relations. It is worse: our most important ally saws on pillars of our prosperity and our security. It's still hard to make that clear. And temptation is great to calm down again quickly.

Trump has signed long-negotiated document adopted at Brussels Summit. This is about new command centres, greater readiness of NATO troops, and, of course, all those involved pledge to fulfil ir obligations, at some point also two percent Verteidgungsausgaben. Now, many NATO members will be lulled into a false calm because worst has not occurred: feared failure of summit. But breakdown of a relationship cannot be undone by most harmonious communiqué.

And that is why we should definitely wait for Monday: wher affirmations of this NATO summit, alliance despite all differences, are still worth paper on which y stand – that is only decision at meeting of trumps and Putin in Helsinki.

Date Of Update: 12 July 2018, 12:02

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