Bundestag: China apparently wanted to recruit members as a snitch

According to a report, Chinese spies proposed a deal to a German politician: money against information. The protection of the Constitution should be stepped up.

Bundestag: China apparently wanted to recruit members as a snitch

Chinese agents have, according to a report, tried to recruit a Bundestag member as a snitch. In summer of 2016, a spy with invented name Jason Wang contacted a union politician several times, writes Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing "people familiar with process". Accordingly, member should betray alleged Chinese manager against monetary details from political operation. Just before money was spent, however, constitutional protection informed members of true identity of Wang.

In ir research, SZ was not able to clearly determine which politician it acted on. Although one has learned a lot about person, descriptions fit in end to two members alike, it says. Both politicians disown refore to be concerned. At request of newspaper, China's embassy denied accusations that y lacked "any basis".

According to SZ, case about member followed a typical pattern: first person concerned would be recruited with money, n a personal conversation would be sought. The aim is to persuade Germans to visit China. There, Chinese authorities could infect mobile phones and laptops with viruses and put person under pressure.

China should be more threatening than Russia

The SZ reported that China had been more successful in anor case. However, this is not a member of house, but a member of staff. China's agent leaders have recently succeeded in flying informant from Bundestag to China, writes newspaper by relying on security experts in Berlin. The person has already travelled to China several times and received a total of 10,000 euros for "analyses" from German parliament. The contact should also have been made via Jason Wang.

According to SZ, Wang had a serious social media profile; There he had been networked with or German politicians and respected researchers. Six months ago, Federal Office for Protection of Constitution (BfV) announced that China is increasingly using fake profiles on social networks, especially LinkedIn, to promote sources of advertising. "With more than 10,000 German nationals, such contact attempts have been made," authority said.

In past, in Germany and or Western countries, above all, Russia had been discussed as a possible source of intelligence attacks. The chief of BfV, Hans-Georg Maaßen, accused Russia of being responsible for a large-scale hacker attack on federal data network, which had become known in February. In a response from federal government to a request from Left faction, it also states that re are always indications that Russian spies wanted to recruit members of Bundestag.

However, Federal Chancellery estimates threat from China to SZ figures more than that of Russia. Russia only wants to destroy and create chaos – China, on or hand, gains long-term influence. The BND appreciates that China's intelligence service has more than a million employees, writes newspaper.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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