Cambodia: Government party wins parliamentary elections in Cambodia

After the ban on the largest opposition party, Prime Minister Hun Sen will probably continue to reign. His party declared himself the winner of the election. Critics call the election a farce.

Cambodia: Government party wins parliamentary elections in Cambodia

The Cambodian People's Party (CPP) has won general election in Cambodia. "The CCP is winner," said spokesman of Electoral Commission, Hang Pua. According to first unofficial results, CCP can count on more than 80 percent of votes. The 19 or parties were far behind. This is expected to continue to govern long-standing Prime Minister Hun Sen. "We reckon with more than 100 seats" of 125 to be given, said CPP spokesman Eysan. The official result is not to be announced until mid-August.

Hun Sen has been in office for 33 years and is one of most senior leaders in world. During his reign, brutal attacks against opposition were repeatedly made. Several opposition politicians were assassinated, sitting in prison for alleged high treason, or fleeing into exile.

Hun Sen fought in early 1970s on part of Khmer Rouge against United States-supported power of Lon Nol. 1975, guerrilla movement came to power, 1977 ran Hen Sun ran to enemy of Vietnam. In December 1978, when Vietnamese troops toppled Khmer Rouge, Hun Sen 1985 was used by Hanoi as head of government in 32 years.

Today's youth are particularly critical of corruption and nepotism, which Hun Sen is pushing forward in ir view through political and family alliances. The votes of critical young people brought opposition CNRP to 44 per cent at parliamentary election of 2013 and similar results in local elections in year reafter.

Last year, Hun Sen had been banning main opposition party, so re was no serious competition in current election. The CNRP was accused of planning a overthrow; She was supposed to have been part of a conspiracy toger with US and international organizations.

Turnout surprisingly high

In total, more than eight million Kambodschanerinnen and Cambodians were called to vote. According to National Electoral Commission, turnout was surprisingly high with more than 80 percent. 2013, it was 69 percent. The CNRP had called from abroad to boycott election. The US and EU consider election to be not lawful and refused to send election observers.

On Sunday, numerous pictures of invalid ballots were circulated in social media. Apparently, y came from supporters of opposition. "I have not gone to election. I slept at home, "said Khem Chan Vannak, a former council chairman of CNRP. Many of his friends also boycotted election. The party's chief, Kem Sokha, is imprisoned. His predecessor in Office of party chief, Sam Rainsy, fled 2016 to France.

Cambodia is still suffering from aftermath of civil war and tyranny of Pol Pot in 1970s with an estimated 1.7 million deaths. Cambodia's economy is growing, albeit at a relatively low level. By far most important supporter is People's Republic of China.

Date Of Update: 30 July 2018, 12:00

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