Carles Puigdemont: An extradition as a reason for joy

In the opinion of a German court, Carles Puigdemont cannot be condemned for rebellion. How does this affect processes against Catalan separatists?

Carles Puigdemont: An extradition as a reason for joy
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    As a great news, Catalonia regional president quim Torra celebrated news from Germany on his Twitter account: his predecessor Carles Puigdemont will be extradited to Spain after decision of upper Oberlandesgericht Schleswig-Holstein, but only Because of corruption, not rebellion. There are up to five years ' imprisonment, but this is a much lower sentence than 25 years requested by Prosecutor.

    The accusation of rebellion had always Puigdemonts lawyers as politically motivated by ir mandates. It presupposes use of force and it did not exist in run-up to referendum last autumn, on day of vote itself mainly only by Spanish police. "We have destroyed state's lie," twittered Puigdemont. His lawyer Gonzalo Boye continued: "This proves that it was right to carry legal dispute to Europe."

    There must be a comparable German offence for extradition due to rebellion. The court drew offence of land trespassing, for which, as in rebellion, use of force is necessary. The Spanish investigating magistrate Pablo Llarena had subsequently sent videos of demonstrations and hundreds of pages of police reports on alleged riots.

    Puigdemonts defender wants to move to German constitutional Court

    The German judges thought material was not convincing. Puigdemont was neir a "spiritual leader" of acts of violence nor did he have necessary control of action. The deposed Catalan regional president can refore only be made in Spain for unfaithfulness of process. As a so-called "Katalogtat", no comparison with German criminal law is necessary for an extradition due to corruption.

    For Gonzalo Boye, who coordinates defence of regional president, decision is a stage victory. The most important fight is won. Now he intends to appeal to German Constitutional Court against extradition for infidelity, he said to Catalan television. Criminal law experts like Jordi Nieva-Fenoll do not believe that passage to Karlsruhe will succeed, after all, Germany did not violate any of its fundamental rights. But even if police ring at Carles Puigdemont in next few weeks and ask him to go to next plane, mood of lawyers could only be very obscure.

    The decision from Schleswig-Holstein is already a difficult case for Spanish judges. Probably in fall, five former politicians from Puigdemonts cabinet as well as leaders of independence platforms Òmmnium and Assemblea Nacional are being made for rebellion of process. They're all in custody. Can you be prosecuted for a more serious crime than your leader? "For or detained politicians, decision has no direct effect at first," says criminal law expert Jordi Nieva-Fenoll, "but it seems a little reasonable to give m trial because of rebellion, after German judges have stated that It was not a high treason. "

    Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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