Catalonia: Hundreds of thousands demonstrating for independence

Many Catalans demand the separation of Spain on the national day. But opponents of independence would not be heard in Catalonia, criticizing the opposition.

Catalonia: Hundreds of thousands demonstrating for independence

Almost a year after failed secession of Catalonia from Spain, hundreds of thousands of Catalans have demonstrated ir independence in Barcelona. Under motto "we create Catalan Republic", according to police on occasion of Catalan national holiday Diada, about one million demonstrators went to streets.

The demonstration was prelude to a new mass mobilization, said Catalan regional president quim Torra at rally in Catalan capital. In addition to demand for independence, it is also a matter of supporting separatists detained after failed secession. "I will not accept judgments of guilt and I appeal to all free-spirited citizens not to accept m eir," Torra said furr. However, an open confrontation with Spanish judiciary rejects its government; That is why separatists detained in Catalonia are not simply freed.

The Spanish foreign minister, Josep Borell, also criticized preventive detention of separatist politicians before ir lawsuits. Or precautions would also have been possible, said Borell in Strasbourg. But judge decided. The politician, born in Catalonia, also criticized time of rally: "We Catalans should celebrate our national Day today and not demand independence, which is supported by less than half of population."

The annual rallies take place in commemoration of September 11, 1714, when Spanish and French troops conquered Barcelona during War of Spanish Succession.

Catalan population is divided

The Catalan opposition also accused supporters of independence from abusing Diada for ir purposes. The opponents of a fork would not be heard at celebrations, said head of party Ciudadanos in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas.

According to a survey in July, Catalans continue to disagree with regard to independence: 46.7 percent of respondents refore support secession of Spain, 44.9 percent reject this.

On 1 October, first anniversary of independence referendum of 2017, declared illegal by Spanish judiciary. At that time regional government unilaterally declared independence of Catalonia. It was n deposed by Spanish central government. Several Catalan independence advocates were imprisoned, and former regional president Carles Puigdemont fled abroad.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2018, 12:00

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