Catalonia: Tens of thousands of separatists demonstrate in Barcelona

In the capital city of Catalonia, separatists have demonstrated against the detention of regional politicians. Carles Puigdemont called his followers to mobilise.

Catalonia: Tens of thousands of separatists demonstrate in Barcelona

In Catalonia, tens of thousands of separatists have once again gone to streets to support ir political leaders. According to Barcelona police, around 110,000 people took part in rally in Catalan capital city. The demonstrators demanded immediate release of separatist activists and politicians who currently sit in custody. They also demanded that separatists fleeing exile abroad, including Puigdemont, be allowed to return to Catalonia without fear of being arrested.

A few hours before demonstration, separatist leader Carles Puigdemont had called on his followers to mobilise. "The streets of Barcelona must be filled with freedom today," he said in a video message posted on Twitter. The demonstration should lead to dismissal of prisoners from prisons in which y had never been allowed to be brought, that Exiles could return home to ir own and that no one should be afraid, To express ideas, Puigdemont had said in his message.

The former regional president Puigdemont had fled to Belgium last autumn after an unconstitutional referendum on independence. He has been staying in Germany since his arrest in spring. On Thursday, Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court declared that 55-year-old had been extradited to Spain for suspicion of embezzlement, but not because of rebellion, main accusation of Spanish judiciary. At end of June, Supreme Court in Madrid confirmed opening of lawsuits against Puigdemont and 14 or separatist politicians for rebellion, embezzlement and civil disobedience. A reaction by competent judge Pablo Llarena to decision of upper Oberlandesgericht is not yet available.

The demonstration in Barcelona, among ors, was attended by successor of Puigdemont in Office of Regional president, quim Torra. The separatists would "go to streets as often as necessary," he said. In addition to politicians from various parties, protest also involved well-known sportsmen and artists from Catalonia. In Catalonia conflict had been relaxed for first time in recent weeks. The new prime Minister of Spain, socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, received Torra for first time in Madrid government palace. Both politicians agreed to take concrete negotiations.

Date Of Update: 15 July 2018, 12:02

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