CDU/CSU: Brinker wants the we Strengthen in the Union group

Union Bundestag group chief Volker Kauder and his deputy Ralph Brinker have declared their candidacies for the Bundestag group presidency. Kauder has the support of party leaders.

CDU/CSU: Brinker wants the   we   Strengthen in the Union group

At end of month, Ralph Brinker (CDU) will be elected Chairman of Union Bundestag group, in a battle candidacy against former chief Volker Kauder (CDU). In Bundestag group meeting on Monday, he now justified his candidacy with desire for a more active role of CDU/CSU Bundestag deputies against government, reported participants. He also wanted to use more team spirit. It is important for him to strengn " We" of group.

The 50-year-old Brinker is currently group's vice-president. It is usually case in Union that Chairman of Bundestag Group is elected on proposal of party chairman, at present by CDU chairwoman Angela Merkel. The Chancellor continues, however, on Kauder, which is considered a clear favourite. In morning he also unanimously received support from CDU Presidium and Executive Board as well as from CSU leadership.

The battle candidacy for Bundestag group Presidency is, in words of CDU general Secretary Annegret Kramp-cart Builder "expression of democratic normalcy". The fact that re are several candidates is also not unusual in Union faction, even though this has rarely been case at top, said Kramp cart Builder after committee meetings of CDU in Berlin.

There has always been criticism of leadership style of Kauders in Union, especially from conservative wing of Union. That is why it is said by experienced members that previous Vice-brink house might reckon with 30 percent of votes. A corresponding result could also be regarded as a sign against Chancellor.

In contrast, Brink's own participants said that his candidacy was not against Merkel. As a motive, he called dissatisfaction in followers he experienced in summer in constituency. He could not reach people anymore. He refore came to conclusion that group had to change its way of working.

The Union must get out of defensive, party, government, and faction would have to throw more than before balls. The group should make first impact more often and pick up on issues earlier than before. For his speech, Brinker received acclaimed applause from participants.

Kauder reaffirmed his willingness to re-enter group presidency. It is first time he has to face a counter-candidate. Kauder said that he wanted to shape next few years toger with group. It is crucial to Union when it comes to shaping work of coalition with a sense of proportion. This applies in particular to preservation of economic performance of country. Kauder received friendly applause for his speech, participants reported.

Updated Date: 11 September 2018, 12:00

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