CDU/CSU: Seehofer and Merkel agree in the Union dispute

Horst Seehofer remains minister of the interior: in a crisis meeting, the leaders of the CDU and CSU settled the asylum dispute. Angela Merkel was also satisfied.

CDU/CSU: Seehofer and Merkel agree in the Union dispute

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and CSU chairman Horst Seehofer agreed on a compromise in migration dispute. This is what Seehofer said after a crisis meeting of union leaders at Konrad Adenauer House in Berlin. The solution found was sustainable, because it stopped illegal migration at Derdeutsch-Austrian border, said CSU chief.

"This clear agreement, which, in all three respects you will hear, corresponds to my idea, allows me to continue office of Ministry of Interior, for construction and homeland," said Seehofer. He was "glad" about result. "It has once again been shown: it is worth fighting for a conviction."

CDU leader Merkel was also satisfied with agreement. She said that CDU and CSU had found a "really good compromise" after "hard wrestling". "This is very spirit of partnership in European Union, and at same time a decisive step in order to organize and control secondary migration," Merkel said. "That's exactly what I care about and is." Secondary migration is called furr travel by asylum seekers within EU.

For details of agreement, Seehofer referred to subsequent press conference of two general secretaries of CDU and CSU, Annegret Kramp cart builder and Markus Blume. Doroe Baer (CSU), Minister for Digitisation in cabinet Merkel, tweeted a paper with three points, which leaders of CDU and CSU apparently agreed in dispute:

Habemus Agreement! @csu @cdu @cducsubt PIC.TWITTER.COM/DKR0AFZ3TD

— Doroe Bär (@DoroBaer) July 2, 2018

Among or things, CDU and CSU want to establish transit centres on German-Austrian border for asylum seekers who are already registered in anor EU country. From se centres asylum seekers are to be rejected directly in competent countries, agreement states.

At present, coalition committee meets with leaders of SPD. Finally, coalition partner would have to contribute to establishment of transit centres. The Socialists had already 2015 against such centres as CDU and CSU had called for.

In dispute with CDU, Bavarian sister party had insisted that Bundesregierungneben should also take national steps to reduce migration measures taken at EU level. This should include rejection of refugees registered in AnderenEU states. Seehofer had not judged decisions of EU summit as sufficient.

Shortly before summit meeting, he had personally made serious accusations to Merkel: "I am not dismissed by a chancellor who is only chancellor because of me," he told Süddeutsche Zeitung. On Sunday he had declared at a meeting of CSU board in Munich that he wanted to resign from his offices as party leader and interior minister. After discussions in closest party leadership, which wanted him to move forward, Seehofer n said that he would make his political future dependent on a directing of CDU. Through dispute, cooperation between Union and grand coalition was at stake.

Date Of Update: 03 July 2018, 12:02

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