CDU Prime Minister: Michael Kretschmer joins coalition with the Left party

Schleswig-Holstein's head of government Daniel Günther considers alliances of CDU and left in the east to be conceivable. Not only his Saxon counterpart is refusing to respond.

CDU Prime Minister: Michael Kretschmer joins coalition with the Left party

Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU) rejects a thrust by his Schleswig-Holstein counterpart Daniel Günr to consider coalitions between CDU and Left party in East Germany. On Twitter, Kretschmer wrote that he was not open to such covenants. The positions of Union and left are incompatible. "The CDU is party to social market economy," wrote Kretschmer. "Freedom and security have priority. We want a strong but no almighty state "

It's not me. The positions are incompatible. The CDU is a party to social market economy. Freedom and security have priority. We want a strong but not an almighty state. Https:// via @welt sachsen

mdash; Michael Kretschmer (@MPKretschmer) August 11, 2018

Kretschmers rejection is particularly interesting with regard to Landtag election in Saxony next year. In Bundestag election of 2017, CDU in Saxony, with 26.9 percent of votes, had only become second strongest force, just behind AfD (27 percent). In polls, current coalition partner of SPD, as well as Greens and FDP, come up with such low values that a CDU-led coalition would only be able to be secured with AfD or left. The left tends in polls towards 20 percent. However, a coalition with AfD has excluded Saxony's CDU as well as now with left.

Günr: CDU must be pragmatic

Schleswig-Holstein's prime minister Günr had previously been first ruling CDU politician for a coalition with Left Party, but his proposal was limited to country level in east. "In East Germany, party landscape is different from West," he said to Rhenish post. "If election results should not give a coalition to be formed against left, a government capable of action must neverless be formed. The CDU must be pragmatic. "

With his thrust, Günr supports corresponding statements from CDU in Brandenburg, where Landtag is also elected in autumn 2019. The Brandenburg CDU chief Ingo Senftleben had announced that after election he would also speak with Left party and AfD, both of whom are particularly strong in east. However, he was able to work toger with AfD as well as he did. An alliance of SPD and left is currently in rule of Brandenburg.

Also Kramp cart builders, Bartsch and Bouffier waving

CDU general Secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder made a rejection of proposals. "We continue to clearly reject cooperation with left and AfD. It is not enough if re is one or or pragmatic head ", you German press agency. "The programmatic orientation of Left Party remains, and right-wing extremist profile of AfD also," she added.

Hesse's prime minister, Volker Bouffier, also considers a coalition of CDU and left party unimaginable. In response to his party colleague Günr, deputy CDU federal president said: "The CDU and Left party separate worlds. That is why this is not an option for Union and for CDU of Hesse. " Looking at Landtag election on 28 October, he told Süddeutsche Zeitung: "We are not doing anything with Left party and nothing with AfD. Everything else is potentially coalition-capable. "

Left Fraktionschef Dietmar Bartsch cannot imagine such an alliance as much as Bouffier. "Democratic parties must be willing to talk in principle, but union and left divide political worlds in central questions," he said in response to Daniel Günr's thrust. "The left will make fundamental differences to CDU visible in all election campaigns."

Criticism of CDU came from CSU. The Vice-President of Bundestag, Hans-Peter Friedrich, said, "parts of CDUscheinen completely lose political orientation." Also FDP leader Christian Lindner said if "The party of Adenauerund Kohl with party of ' democratic socialism ' coalesces, loses accurate soul. And who with FDP coalesces and at same time with Linkenliebäugelt, reaches summit of arbitrariness ".

Daniel Günr has been prime minister in Schleswig-Holstein for a good year, where re is a tripartite alliance of CDU, Greens and FDP. He suggested to union that such a coalition should also be included in Covenant after next election: "If Jamaica 2021 can succeed at federal level, n this would be best model for Germany." This alliance was not reached after Bundestag election of 2017, because FDP had canceled talks.

In view of criticism from his own party, Günr qualified his thoughts on coalitions of CDU and left in East Germany later. A coalition with Left Party "I firmly reject," he said.  His remarks were based on concrete discussion in Union in event that no majorities against left and AfD were possible after a Landtag election. Because of weakness of SPD, especially in east, this danger is still present.

Date Of Update: 12 August 2018, 12:00

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