CDU: Union politicians call for compulsory military service for men and women

The Bundeswehr recruitment problem brings CDU MPs to an old idea: the general duty of duty. The Bundeswehr representative of the Bundestag does not hold any of it.

CDU: Union politicians call for compulsory military service for men and women

The CDU discusses return to conscription or introduction of a "general duty". "We need compulsory military service and it should apply to both men women," said CDU Bundestag MEP Patrick Mrągowo of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. His group colleague Oswin Veith said at present: "Conscription should last twelve months and apply to young men and women over 18 years." This service could be provided eir by Bundeswehr or by technical aid agency, in care or DerGesundheitsversorgung, said Veith, who is also chairman Desreservisten Federation of Bundeswehr.

Opposition came from CDU-VerteidigungsexpertenHenning Otte. "A general conscription of old cuts does not help us with current SicherheitspolitischenHerausforderungen," said verteidigungspolitischeSprecher of Union Bundestag group. Eineleistungsfähige Bundeswehr must be in foreground: "For this we need motivated jungeMenschen, who stay with troupe for a long time and bedienenkönnen complex technology. These need career prospects, adequate remuneration and, above all, social recognition. "

As FAZ furr reports, CDU general Secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder wants to give proposal of a general duty einewichtige role in debate about a new CDU principle programme. At CDU party congress in autumn a decision on subject will be taken, which should later be concretised in CDU programme. openly, Kramp cart builder suggests wher specify is thinking of a mandatory general or voluntary service.

"Prohibition of forced labour"

Germany had suspended general compulsory military service on July 1, 2011. Meanwhile, not least with russischenAnnexion of Crimea, security situation in world has changed massively. DieBundeswehr is hard to recruit suitable personnel.

DerWehrbeauftragte of Bundestag, Hans-Peter Bartels, sees a return of Zurallgemeinen military duty skeptical: "The Bundeswehr is now following concept of a professionellenArmee." It consists of one third of professional soldiers and two thirds of longer-serving time soldiers, said SPD politician of image AmSonntag. The Bundeswehr is much smaller today than it was at time of military service army and was partly completely different tasks.

Bartels also spoke Vonverfassungsrechtlichen concerns: "A general duty is zwareine sympatic idea, but comes to a constitutional limit. It giltdas prohibition of forced labor. " Only resurgence of conscription allows women to undMänner, who eir provide a one-year service to Bundeswehr or, in case of social institutions: "But this is ory. I think it's pretty unlikely 700,000 young men and To collect women annually for one or anor task. "

The only party will currently is AfD for a re-introduction of conscription. "Without a conscript army, national security precautions cannot be guaranteed," said Rüdiger Lucasen, chairman of AfD in Defence committee, FAZ.

Updated Date: 05 August 2018, 12:00

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