Chemnitz: Delimit, not curry favor

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer shows understanding for people with racist resentments. In the fight against right jerk and AfD, this is the completely wrong way.

Chemnitz: Delimit, not curry favor

Horst Seehofer can thus understand protests in Chemnitz: He would also have gone to streets, says federal Interior minister. But he does not mean, for example, peaceful protest of tens of thousands against right-wing violence, but marches of anxious citizens who, toger with right-wing extremists, Pegida and AfD demonstrated. A federal interior minister defending right protests? When did it last?

In Chemnitz people were only superficially gone to DieStraße because a man was murdered. They protested loudly because perpetrators were presumed to be foreigners, refugees. Had suspects been German, murder would have remained a purely local event, it is very unlikely that re would have been any demonstrations at all. All diejenigenbestätigt, however, see mselves as leading crime to presence of foreigners empireand all non-Germans or, as in Chemnitz, only non-German-looking people explain problem.

This, however, is racism, federal interior minister is now Auchnoch confirmed. There is little help that seehofer at same time zero tolerance for all sermons that take incident as an occasion to call for violence or to exercise violence. That is a matter of course. If Erdas would see orwise, Seehofer would have to resign as interior minister immediately.

"Migration as a mor of all problems"

Seehofer also explains question of migration as "mor of all political problems". If you want, you can also understand this as a description of state: Of course, heated mood in this country and rise of right-wing populists have ir starting point in year 2015, when very few refugees came to Germany in a very short time. But quite apart from fact that overwhelming majority of political and sozialenProbleme in Germany has little or nothing to do with migration: how a society responds to migrants and migrants depends not only on ir sheer numbers. It has to do with way in which migration and integration are organised, and also how politicians and politicians in charge communicate about it. In recent years, CSU has repeatedly failed to do so. Even when numbers of refugees were already declining, she still had impression that one was in a kind of national emergency.

Seehofer must also ask himself what sign he sends with his remarks to millions of people with immigrant backgrounds in this country. The interior Minister responsible for integration says to m that he perceives m as a problem in first place. It is according to Seehofer's sentence that Islam does not belong to Germany, that is second time that it is facing a large group of people who live here peacefully, work and pay taxes. It is difficult to imagine how Seehofer wants to tackle one of most important projects of grand coalition: immigration Law.

Finally, one had impression that CSU and AuchSeehofer have understood that rhetorical and actual right-hand swing y have undergone in recent years does not pay off. The AfD could not weaken m in such a way, at same time CSU loses consent in midst of society, as surveys ZurLandtagswahl in Bavaria show impressively. Suddenly, Bavarian beer tents were sehrviel to hear milder tones than y were orwise struck. But how serious can one still take this change of recent statements?

Of course, politics must take concerns of citizens into action. However, y should make a good distinction between wher se are really justified fears or wher y are more about dull prejudice and resentment. In latter case, responsible Politikerund politicians need to clarify and distinguish mselves. Curry favor makes rights even stronger.

Chemnitz-» I warn against arrogant judgments about East Germans «Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer sees right-wing extremism as greatest danger to democracy and makes AfD responsible for xenophobic riots.
Date Of Update: 07 September 2018, 12:00

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