Chemnitz: Right spontaneous demo After the death of a 35-year-old

A 35-year-old was killed in a dispute on the edge of the Chemnitz City Festival. Now hundreds have moved through the city centre – including violent rights.

Chemnitz: Right spontaneous demo After the death of a 35-year-old

After demgewaltsamen death of a 35-year-old, around 800 presumed rights demonstrators have been dragged through city in Chemnitz. According to police information, collisions and bottle throws occurred, at least one official was injured. As a spokeswoman said, re were two ads for assault, one for threat, and one for resistance to enforcement officials. Wher re were arrests, spokeswoman could not say at first.

According to Chemnitz Free Press, DieDemonstranten had followed call of a right-wing Ultra Football Association. Diesehatte refore called on Facebook to "show who has to say in Stadtdas."

The background is a dispute between people of different nationalities in DerNacht for Sunday on edge of city festival in Chemnitz. A 35-year-old German was killed and two or people were seriously injured.

According to his own data, police took two men who had moved away from crime scene. Wher y were involved in dispute is still unclear. No information on nationality of men was made at first. The reason for dispute must also be determined.

Reports of attacks on migrants

According to police, re had been several calls on Internet to find mselves in city on Sunday. At FrühenNachmittag, approximately 100 participants gared at a rally of Alternative for Germany (AfD). According to police, event remained trouble-free. Demfolgte second rally, which followed significantly more people.

"The group of people did not respond to police speech and showed no willingness to cooperate," officials told. The grouping was suddenly set in motion. Very important refore had to order additional units bereitschaftspolizei to Chemnitz.

According to reports DerBild-Zeitung took part in derDemonstration "violent rights" that protested against alien crime and proverbs like "We that people" chanted. The MDR reported from wrangles. Anti-fascist activists reported vonÜbergriffen on migrants in social media.

The festival ended prematurely

The city administration showed SICHBESORGT about spontaneous demonstrations. "We are terrified about people garings that have happened," said DerStadtsprecher Robert Gruner. They wanted to celebrate peacefully with each or dasJubiläum city. Now, however, it has been shown that it was right to cancel festival early. Instead of scheduled at 8pm, festival was finished four hours earlier.

"When I see what has developed here in hours of Sunday, I am horrified," said Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD) to MDR. "That it is possible for people to make appointments, to accumulate and thus to demolish a town festival, to race through city and threaten people-that is bad."

Date Of Update: 27 August 2018, 12:00

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