Cologne: General attorney warns against attacks with biological weapons

34; Terrorists are very creative 34; According to General attorney, Germany must stop at attacks of any kind. The protection of the Constitution is concerned.

Cologne: General attorney warns against attacks with biological weapons

In view of ricin fund in Cologne, General Attorney Peter Frank warned against new forms of terrorism. "We have to say goodbye to fact that terrorist offences are always carried out according to same pattern," he said in ARD. Terrorists are "very creative to extent that y try to test out all possible scenarios asymmetrically, this also includes such a threat with biological warfare agents, we have to adjust to that."

Last week, Federal Criminal Police office in Cologne had arrested a 29-year-old Tunisian who is said to have produced 84.3 milligrams of highly toxic ricin for a biological explosive device. The federal prosecutor's office sees an "initial suspicion of preparation of a severe state-threatening violent crime." The President of Federal Criminal Office (BKA), Holger Münch, spoke of concrete preparations for an attack with a biobomb.

"Deeply rooted in Islamist spectrum"

In an interview with SWR, General attorney Frank gave details of detained. He was "deeply anchored in Islamist spectrum and was in contact with people from this spectrum". He is said to have tried twice to travel through Turkey to Syria to Dschihadistenmiliz "Islamic State", but that did not seem to have worked. As an IS member, man does not currently apply.

According to protection of Constitution, extremist militia already experimented with ricin and also produced poison. The is offers in a manual a detailed guide to manufacture of substance and advertising thus for use of poison, news agency Reuters cites unspecified sources from domestic intelligence. This, it is said, shows concern that Islamist-terrorist attacks are also possible with toxic substances in Germany at any time.

Date Of Update: 21 June 2018, 12:02

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