CSU: Seehofer Solo

The CSU chief has placed himself behind the president of the constitutional protection. The fact that his party is more publicly restrained to the party Congress has good reasons.

CSU: Seehofer Solo
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    CSU chief and federal Interior minister Horst Seehofer is probably last major obstacle between Hans-Georg Maaßen, president of Federal Office for Protection of Constitution, and his dismissal. The SPD wants Maaßens resignation because of his interview in Bild newspaper about incidents in Chemnitz. In CDU, too, Maaßen has gambled with confidence, but no one is publicly expressing itself.

    A crisis summit on Thursday evening had ended after just over an hour. On Tuesday, party leaders Angela Merkel, Andrea Nahles and Seehofer will meet again in Chancellery. How it n continues with Maaßen depends decisively on Seehofer – and on how CSU positions itself as a party.

    Seehofer's support might have settled soon

    If CSU were to move offensively behind Maaßen and Seehofer, it could be difficult to fall behind its current line on Tuesday and would be forced to continue to Maaßen – and risk furr coalition zoff. However, if CSU does not show an increased interest in case, it could also be that Seehofer deviates from his authority manager in next few weeks and n drops him. Seehofer knows how power works.

    On Saturday Christian Social will meet at party congress in Munich. Actually, it should be about upcoming Bayern election. In fact, re should have been neir Maaßen nor anything else from Berlin policy.

    The direct candidates from all 91 constituencies are allowed to present mselves in post Palace. The delegates also want to adopt electoral programme for Landtag election on 14 October. Seehofer will hold a speech, Secretary-General Markus Blume and Markus Söder also. Will three Maaßen from Munich be able to stay out? And do you even want that?

    Date Of Update: 15 September 2018, 12:00

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