CSU: What if this continues?

The CSU has threatened the government for trivialities. The party loses its sense of reality. Soon, it could be as incapable of politics as the US Republicans.

CSU: What if this continues?
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    It is still unclear what Horst Seehofer has really achieved now. The transit zones, which CSU has been calling for longer, are likely to come. But only when SPD is in power. And his plan to deport asylum seekers already registered elsewhere in Austria could still fail in Austria.

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    It is clear, however, that last two weeks have been deeply disturbing. For, as party has triggered a government crisis because of a detail, it suggests that it has become incapable of politics; is no longer able to assess risks and prepare for compromises. This is not only a problem for CSU, but for whole country. Their behaviour is an expression of a radicalisation that has taken on significant parts of conservative milieu. And that German politics could soon make permanently as unpredictable and erratic as it was se days.

    A threat to democracy

    There is something serious happening in that part of society that is still called Conservative today. It is time to call it what it is: a threat to democracy.

    EU anti-pluralist right-wing populists are gaining power everywhere in Europe, with help of conservative parties who borrow ir language and political ideas. Not just since Cologne New Year's Eve and Brexit vote, rise of AfD and election of Donald Trumps, my conservatives throughout Europe, it is possible to regain electorate of right-wing populists by tying up ir parties.

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    There is no objection whatsoever to fear of refugees, to talk about criminality among asylum seekers, to consider measures against m. But once one has gone through door of right-wing populist logic, it closes behind one. And you barely come out again. Then paranoia of right-wing populists becomes ir own.

    One can observe this well not only at CSU, but also in Austria, where CSU Idol and Chancellor Sebastian briefly took over narrative of menacing stranger completely from right-wing radical FPOe in refugee policy-and at same time does little against that The FPOe is in mood to restrict freedom of press.

    They call it Hypermoralismus

    Quite a few German conservatives are on a similar path. After all, it was not Pegida and AfD mselves who have shifted ethical standards of politics dramatically to right over last three years. They were ir imitators in democratic spectrum. What is more, y have redefined ethical demands on politics in general to something left, insincere. They call it Hypermoralismus.

    Within a very short period of time, welcome culture has become a term that is only used sarcastically. Instead, AfD's favourite words determine debates: multiculturalism, alienation, state failure, Cultural circle, Islamization, freedom of expression. Over and over, on a continuous loop. Like elevator music, just uglier.

    Date Of Update: 04 July 2018, 12:01

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