Cyberspionage: China to hack U.S. secret submarine data

Chinese hackers are supposed to have stolen 614 gigabytes of secret data for a supersonic missile for submarines. The FBI determined. China's authorities deny the accusations.

Cyberspionage: China to hack U.S. secret submarine data

Chinese hackers are supposed to have stolen secret US plans to develop a missile for submarines on behalf of ir government. This is reported by The Washington Post, among ors. In January and February, suppliers of US Navy were refore already being taken over by huge amounts of data. These were plans for a Überschallantischiffsrakete for submarines. The entire material can be classified as secret, reports Swiss post, citing informed circles.

The chopped contract company worked for US Center for underwater warfare. Its headquarters are in state of Rhode Island. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has announced a review of supplier's cybersecurity.

China wants to expand expertise in submarine warfare

A total of 614 gigabytes of data were stolen. In addition to plans for secret development of a supersonic missile, which can be used by submarines to combat ships, until 2020, furr material was stolen. including signal and sensor data and codes for radio information. Although entire material is classified as secret, it has been stored in an unsecured network. In addition, information about radio system was stolen from U-boats in United States.

The FBI rejected an opinion on case. According to Washington Post, Navy has already initiated investigations with help of FBI. As newspaper writes, it was asked by US government before report on hack was published, not to publish all details of stolen data. The Chinese embassy shared that she knew nothing about such a hacker attack. "The Chinese Government (...) Strongly fights all forms of cyber attacks in accordance with law, "said a spokesman of German press agency.

China had announced in past to expand its expertise in submarine warfare.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:02

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