Daraa: Rebels give Daraa on

Rebels have left the Südsyrische town of Daraa, state troops raised the Syrian flag. In Daraa, 2011 began the uprising against leaders Bashar al-Assad.

Daraa: Rebels give Daraa on

More than seven years after beginning of Syrian war, army of Bashar al-Assad can announce a symbolic victory: rebels have given ir own consent to give up city of Daraa. As state media reported, raised soldiers Diesyrische flag over city's main square.

As media activist Ahmed Masalmeh said, rebels agreed to hand over is intended Daraa to government troops. The fighters could make use of EinerAmnestie's government or Syriensabziehen with ir families in DieRebellengebiete in north, said Masalmeh. Siehatten last controlled a part of city, but were included re by DenRegierungstruppen. DerGouverneur of Daraa, Mohammed al-Hanus, said central military media in middle of government that city was 80 percent in hand vonRegierungstruppen.

Rebel spokesman Ibrahim Dschabawibestätigte, rebels would give up ir heavy weapons. He furr shared that negotiated agreement did not foresee that government troops would move into city. The Syrian Observatory, FürMenschenrechte, said that soldiers of Syrian army had taken pictures in Daraa and were n taken off again. Aktivistenmit also shared that re were still insurgents in city.

The reconquest of city and province of Daraa would be a symbolic bedeutsamerSieg for Syrian government. This is precisely where protests against head of state Bascharal-Assad had begun in March 2011. The Secret Service had arrested and tortured a group of VonSchülern in Daraa who had sprayed anti-government Graffitian walls. After arrests, re were protests in city, against which government was violent. They expanded to a nationwide war, in which more than 400,000 people were killed. Millions of people have taken refuge from fighting.

Government and rebels had agreed to vergangenenFreitag after negotiations under Russian mediation for province of Daraaeine ceasefire with immediate effect. The insurgents müssendemnach ir weapons, withdraw ir fighters and leave control of Grenzezu Jordan to government. Excluded from agreement fighters of Dschihadistenmiliz "Islamic State" (IS) who control a schmalenGebietsstreifen on border with Jordan and those of Israel AnnektiertenGolanhöhen. The agreement was made after dreiwöchigenLuftangriffen of Syrian Army, which is supported by Russian military. Dieverheerende bombing forced rebels to negotiate.

Diesyrische Army has already reclaimed entire east of province of Daraa. In West, it now also controls large areas. Russia Hatteim September 2015 on side of Assad in armed conflict intervened. With Russian support, SyrischenRegierungstruppen have since pushed back rebels on all fronts. Heutekontrolliert government again more than three-fifths of syrischenStaatsterritoriums.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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