Disciplinary procedure: Conservative Party examines Boris Johnson's burqa statements

Britain's ex-foreign minister Boris Johnson has compared fully disguised women with 34; bank robbers 34; He is threatened by disciplinary proceedings of his party.

Disciplinary procedure: Conservative Party examines Boris Johnson's burqa statements

Former British foreign Minister Boris Johnson is threatening to punish his Conservative Party for derating statements about burka carriers. There were several complaints to be examined by an independent body, it was said in party circles. A Conservative spokesman said that investigating possible violations of party's statutes was a confidential process. Several media report a disciplinary procedure, which in extreme cases could lead to exclusion from group or even party.

Johnson had described whole body veil in his column in Telegraph as a ridiculous and oppressing garment. Women would look like "letter boxes" or "bank robbers". There were accusations that he wanted to make a mood against Muslims and curry favor with right-wing conservative voters.

Prime Minister Theresa May had joined demands for an apology. "I think we should all be very prudent with language and terms we use," said May. Or Conservative party colleagues, Johnson, also criticized his choice of words. Johnson, according to reports, rejected an apology.

Johnson resigned in July in dispute over plans of Mays for EU withdrawal. The former word leader of Brexit campaign is said to have ambitions for office of head of government. According to a survey of Tory followers from beginning of August, he is favourite for successor of Prime Minister May. These hopes, however, would have no basis in case of exclusion from group.

Date Of Update: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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