Domestic intelligence: Constitutional protection continues to examine riots in Chemnitz

Constitutional protection President Hans-Georg Maaßen has doubted that it has been in Chemnitz 34; chases 34; His office stated that it would continue to examine all incidents.

Domestic intelligence: Constitutional protection continues to examine riots in Chemnitz

Even after sceptical remarks made by President of Constitution, Hans-Georg Maaßen, in connection with attacks in Chemnitz, his authority wants to investigate furr wher it has come to "hunts" in city. "The examination in particular of possible ' smearing ' of right-wing extremists against migrants will continue", Federal Office for Protection of Constitution.

In Chemnitz, re was "a high emotionalisation and rapid mobilization", which would have also been taken on by right-wing extremists. The social media played a major role: "But re are always fake news and attempts at disinformation." The constitutional protection examines all accessible information in order to arrive at a resilient assessment of events.

Maaßen had doubts in Bild newspaper that it had come to "hunts" against foreigners in Chemnitz. "No resilient information" would be provided for protection of Constitution. From parties, he was asked to submit evidence for his statement. There are also withdrawal claims.

"The increase in violence-oriented right-wing extremists in Germany and ir level of violence is worrying," protection of Constitution furr explained. Maaßen last pointed out in presentation of Constitutional Protection report. In meantime, Office appreciates every second right-wing extremist as a force: "Against this background, constitutional protection authorities must also provide a comprehensive picture of events in Chemnitz." Given manifold attempts to exploit events, it is important to draw a clear line between legitimate, democratic protest and drifting towards violence and political extremism.

Date Of Update: 08 September 2018, 12:00

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