Donald Trump: Confusion about new Russia statements

On Tuesday, Trump conceded that Russia had interfered with the 2016 election and attacked the US. A day later, he seems to be detracting from it.

Donald Trump: Confusion about new Russia statements

US president Donald Trump has made misleading statements about Russia's activities for irritation. A reporter asked Trump after a cabinet meeting wher Russia would continue to observe US. Trump responded with "Thank you, No." On demand, wher he did not believe that this was case, Trump said again, "No."

Trump's response was seen as a contradiction to his statement from previous day. On Tuesday, Trump had said he would accept conclusion of his intelligence services. According to cyber attacks, Russia is considered to be a "most aggressive foreign actor". The country had interfered in US elections 2016, US digital infrastructure was "literally under attack," said US Secret Service coordinator Daniel R. Coats. On Monday coats confirmed his warning in a press release. The ubiquitous efforts to attack American democracy stopped, it said.

"He did not answer question"

Three hours later, Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders spoke. According to Sanders, Trump, with his "No, thank you" answer, said he didn't want to answer any questions. "I spoke to president, he did not answer question," Sanders said. The president continues to assume that Russia is observing United States. "He believes that y will certainly be targeting US elections again," Sanders said. "The danger continues." Sanders added, "We're taking steps that things don't repeat."

Already before, Trump had expressed himself contradictory to Russia's assessment. Trump had met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. The two languages talked about tense relationship of ir countries. In ensuing joint press conference, Trump expressed his conciliatory remarks: He sees no reason why Russia should have interfered in US election. The Fox News broadcaster Trump said he did not consider Russia to be biggest adversary.

Many politicians criticized him for this, including from his own party. The Republican chairman of house, Paul Ryan, said Trump should see that "Russia is not our ally." Republican U.S. Senator John McCain spoke of a "low point in history of American presidency." No former US president has ever been so "humiliated by a tyrant himself." After criticism, Trump declared that he had only promised. Instead: He sees no reason why Russia should have interfered in election, he said: He sees no reason why Russia should not interfere in election.

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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