DONALD Trump: U.S. president to meet with Iran ready

US President Donald Trump has agreed to a meeting with the Iranian leadership. This is possible at any time and not linked to any conditions.

DONALD Trump: U.S. president to meet with Iran ready

U.S. President Donald Trump has declared Sichbereit to meet Iranian President Hassan Ruhani. At EinerPressekonferenz in White House, which television channel ABC broadcast, said that such a meeting was possible at any time and that it was not linked to BestimmteVoraussetzungen. "I would certainly meet with Iran if you wanted to. I don't know if you're ready to Dafürsind, you're having a hard time going through, "Trump said. He davonaus that Iran is also ready for an encounter. "I'd me with every meeting. I believe in meetings, "Trump said. The gelteinsbesondere when it comes to war.

The nuclear agreement with Iran, which had been eliminated from ceased USA in May, he called ridiculous. If he is to work with Iran, this must be something significant and "KeinePapierverschwendung" like previous agreement, he said. This wäresowohl good for Iran as well as for USA and whole world.

Pres. Trump says he's open to meeting with Iranian pres. Rouhani: "I'll meet with anybody. I believe in meeting. " No preconditions. If y want to meet, I'll meet. "Https://

— ABC News (@ABC) July 30th, 2018

Trump's exit from nuclear agreement was ScharfeKritik. France, Germany and United Kingdom DRÜCKTENIHR regretted this and protested ir sticking to deal. Derehemalige US President Barack Obama also described decision as a serious case.

Since beginning of his presidency, Trump government criticized Iran over and over. VerbaleDrohungen of both governments followed phasing out of nuclear agreement. In addition, US had announced that it would strengn ihreSanktionen against country. The Iranian military Drohteden United States unequivocally with war.

Date Of Update: 31 July 2018, 12:00

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