Election campaign USA: US justice sues twelve Russian intelligence workers

The defendants are said to have hacked computer by Hillary Clinton during the US election campaign. According to the indictment, they also organized the publication of the data.

Election campaign USA: US justice sues twelve Russian intelligence workers

Due to hacker attacks during US presidential campaign 2016, US justice has accused twelve Russian intelligence workers. The staff of military intelligence Gru are accused, among or things, of having stolen e-mails and documents from Democratic Party's computers and electoral campaign of ir presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as shown in indictment Shows.

The Russian agents also organized schedule of publication. The aim was to achieve greatest possible "effect on choice", said Vice-Justizminister rod Rosenstein. Through cyber attacks, politically sensitive internal e-mail traffic had come to light, which became a problem for Clinton in election campaign.

With accusations, US judiciary assumes that Russian military forces are behind hacker attacks that have become known under terms DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0. Previous assumptions, behind this could be Americans or a Romanian hacker, are refore obsolete.

The accusations go back to investigations of special investigator Robert Mueller, who since May 2017 investigated alleged Russian interventions during election campaign as well as a possible involvement of employees Donald Trumps. However, accusations do not contain any evidence that y may have been in contact with today's president's staff.

Mueller's investigations had previously led to proceedings against four former Trump employees, including short-term national security advisor Michael Flynn and former campaign leader Paul Manafort. These do not relate to presumed Russian cyber attacks.

As early as February, special investigator had 13 Russian citizens accusing m of being involved in disinformation campaigns on internet during 2016 election campaign.

Meeting with Putin still takes place

The White House, despite accusation, is holding summit between US president Donald Trump and Russia's head of state Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. The confirmed Trumps spokeswoman Sarah Sanders in Washington. Previously, several members of Congress, including Democrat Chuck Schumer, had called for a cancellation of summit.

Date Of Update: 14 July 2018, 12:02

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