Elections in Brazil: from the cell back to power?

Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil, sits in prison and is not allowed to run. In surveys, however, he is ahead. And he has a plan.

Elections in Brazil: from the cell back to power?
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    Dertalentierteste Politician of Brazil is operating se days from a cell in provincial capital Curitiba. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of 2003 to 2011, has been behind bars for almost five months: in fourth Stockdes headquarters of police, in a simple room with bathroom, flatbed, desk, fitness equipment, television and a lot of books undDVDs. He cannot see street from re, but three times a day, street echoes cries of some persistent followers: "Good morning, President Lula!" – "Good afternoon, President Lula!" – "Good evening, President Lula!"

    And yes, Lulada Silva wants to go to presidential palace again. He has a plan for this, although position seems impossible: courts have condemned him in second Instanzwegen corruption, he was supposed to have accepted an apartment as a gift from a construction company. Lulawurde was imprisoned for twelve years, and only last weekend Supreme Electoral Court refused to give him a new candidacy for DasPräsidentenamt. He was even banned from participating in electoral campaigns. The SINDSELBST for a political master player, known as 72-year-old, lousy cards. But for Lula, game is not over yet.

    "Einecharismatische figure like Lula doesn't meet you as often as you gernehätte," said Fernando Haddad, one of Lula's closest confidants, on weekend of time online. He was standing at entrance of police bureau, where Lula was detained. A few meters furr, FahnenschwenkendeParteigenossen passed by, media representatives positioned ir cameras, and derLula-hype went off like almost every day. The ex-Präsidentirgendwelche is constantly receiving visitors: lawyers, church leaders, ex-presidents, especially former SPD chief Martin Schulz in Curitiba and explained his "solidarity" to prisoner. The judiciary has already complained that cell has become a Artwahl fighting centre.

    Without master, nothing goes

    Fernando Haddad plays a key role in da Silva's plan: he is his Stellvertreterfür presidential palace, and he is to represent former president in forthcoming elections on 7 October. Lula himself will appeal to DasKandidaturverbot again, but odds are low. This weekend Haddad started a whirlwind tour with FeurigenAnsprachen on model of master ("We don't leave Brazil alone!"). He sought Lula's hometown in poor norast of Brazil, where ErTV commercials turned, conjured up myth of Great old man of BrasilianischenArbeiterbewegung, former metalworker who was persecuted in military dictatorship, and later became president in A golden age of economic boom.

    He has sienoch not quite on it, role: At his appearances speaks Haddad Imaccent of a city of São Paulo, which he is finally also. DerProfessor (55), formerly Lord Mayor of São Paulo, has already let political statements precede fact that he "now times AlsPolitikwissenschaftler". How does one before election show enough presence in media, although those tend to be da Silva and SeineBewegung concealing? "Only a charismatic figure like Lula has this," replies Haddad. Without master, nothing goes.

    Date Of Update: 04 September 2018, 12:00

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