Energy policy: US government wants to subsidize coal and nuclear power

Donald Trump again proposes subsidies for old power plants. They are important for national security. Network operators criticize the idea as damaging.

Energy policy: US government wants to subsidize coal and nuclear power

Once thrust has failed. Now US president is once again trying to secure future of coal and nuclear power through subsidies. Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders explained in Washington that US energy network and energy infrastructure would have to be made "strong and secure." This is only way to protect public and economy from "intentional attacks and natural disasters." Critics consider thrust to be unnecessary and warn of rising energy costs.

Trump's stated goal is to help domestic coal and nuclear industry to make a new upturn. His energy minister, Rick Perry, had already proposed state subsidies for coal and nuclear power plants last year. However, FERC National Energy Inspectorate had rejected proposal because claims were "neir justified nor appropriate".

On Friday, White House now said that a new plan was being worked on – this time it is called justification of national security. With shutdown of power stations, an important part of energy mix of USA is decimated and power grid overall less resilient, said Sanders. Trump has instructed Perry to take immediate action "to stop loss of se resources."

The details were not mentioned by Sanders. According to a Wall Street Journal report, network operators are to be forced to purchase electricity from coal and nuclear power plants. The grid operator PJM criticized announcement. There is no reason for such "drastic measures". If state prescribes to buy electricity from certain power plants, this is detrimental to market "and refore expensive for consumers". The Association of solar industry also criticized idea: it was "no prescription for economic success" if government spends billions of dollars to save unprofitable power plants, while at same time "clean and affordable solar energy" to brink Urge.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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