EU asylum policy: Europe's escape from reality

Refugees are politically instrumentalized in Europe, although most people know better. How a Middle East correspondent is experiencing the European migration debate.

EU asylum policy: Europe's escape from reality
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    Perhaps I was really too long on or side of Mediterranean, too close to real crises. In any case, someone has to explain this to me: European governments, including Germans, decide to extend European fortress against refugees and migrants with methods that even impress a Donald Trump. At same time, German ministers for work, health and family are hawking – hardly audible – and recall that dramatic emergency in nursing will only be remedied with help of foreign workers. First of all from Albania and Kosovo, i.e. Muslim countries. Later perhaps also from Nigeria, Tunisia or Morocco.

    In midst of political farce around transit zones, disembarkation platforms and so-called intelligent border police approaches, long-known view of Europe blinked briefly on fact that, due to its demographic ageing, population of young migrants is dependent. In or words, AfD voter will also have to reappear at an advanced age by fact that a Muslim or a Muslim may change his diapers and that West still does not sink.

    But until n, an increasingly criminal policy is being pursued, which is a single escape from reality.

    I watched refugee welcome parties at German stations in autumn of 2015 in Beirut on television. On one hand deeply impressed by commitment of volunteers, without which supply of refugees would probably have ended in chaos. On or hand, with abdominal pain, because you should not celebrate refugees after a traumatic escape, but must try to fight causes. A European asylum policy that makes escape and migration a game of life and death.

    In style of a colonial gentleman

    At beginning of September, I actually believed for a moment that this policy was wavering under public pressure when a shattering picture was going on around world. The photo of corpse of two-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi drowned in supposedly illegal escape of his family across Mediterranean Sea to Europe, washed up on a beach in Turkey. "Who are we? What are our values really worth if we let this happen furr? "wrote Bild newspaper at time.

    Three years later, this question can be answered with a European snapshot: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán calls refugees and migrants "blight", Poland's strong man Jarosław Kaczyński "carriers of viruses and pathogens" and Italy Interior Minister Salvini has recently called it "human flesh". The Maltese Government is currently preventing rescue ships of NGOs from phasing out to help refugees in distress.

    The entire political elite (including media) in Germany, meanwhile, is brooding over transit zones and seehofer maneuvers, while EU, in style of a colonialist, is imposing refugee camps for migrants and refugees and an EU-Africa summit Where African heads of government like watchdogs are to be fed with money. Meanwhile, more and more people are drowning in Mediterranean. Since beginning of year at least 1,400, this week alone over 200.

    One wonders what proposal comes next from latitudes of our civilization. Ankle cuffs for all Africans between ages of 15 and 45, maybe.

    No, this is not a plea for open borders. This is also not a trivialization of intra-European and inner-German trenches. The unity of Berlin government coalition and that of EU no longer exists. But not because of a supposed refugee crisis. Although this movement triggers many gasps of breath, re is no refugee crisis in Europe – for time being. There is also no "stream" of people from south to north. 80 percent of all refugees remain in a country close to ir homeland.

    Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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