EU survey: Majority seems to be voting against time change

According to a media report, more than 80 percent have demanded the end of the time changeover in an EU survey. More than half of the participants were German.

EU survey: Majority seems to be voting against time change

According to a media report, survey by EU Commission on summer Time said that vast majority of Teilnehmerdafür to abolish time change in spring and autumn. The Westfalen Post called on Brussels-based circles, according to which more than 80 percent derTeilnehmer for end of time changeover. However, of 4, 6Millionen participants were more than three million people from Germany.

European Commission did not confirm information on demand. It only hattebisher number of participants in online survey after public consultation was completed in mid-August. The Commission also did not give any denErgebnissen on participants ' nationality.

The authority is currently examining how to proceed with changeover to ImEU law. According to EU Commission, DieBefragung is not intended to be a referendum or a decisive factor in EndgültigeEntscheidung. The participants were able to vote online wher y dafürplädieren that time change will be maintained or abolished. Dazukonnten you specify wher, in event that it is abolished, you prefer to apply Dauerhaftdie summer or winter time.

CDU politician wants to end changeover to European elections

The CDU deputy Peter Liese spoke in Westphalia post against change of time and for a schnellenVorschlag of EU Commission to abolish. "Thus, Gesetznoch could be adopted before European elections in May," SagteLiese. And again, "if outcome of a consultation is so obvious, European bodies must not ignore it."

However, time changeover seems to be a very big issue, especially in Germany, but a change of regulation would have to apply throughout EU. European-Commission has right to make such a proposal that European Parliament and AlleEU member crops would have to decide in such a case. After that, DieStaaten alone should decide wher y want to have summer or winter time all year round.

Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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