European Commission: Horst Seehofer warns against security risks posed by Brexit

According to a report, the federal Interior minister has contacted the EU Commission in Brussels in writing. In this he criticizes their strategy towards Great Britain.

European Commission: Horst Seehofer warns against security risks posed by Brexit

The European Commission has received mail from federal Interior minister. In a letter, Horst Seehofer (CSU) warned authority not to risk any security loopholes in negotiations on Britain's withdrawal from European Union. The Commission is risking human lives if it prevents a fully extensive security agreement with government in London.

The letter from which Financial Times is quoted is refore from 27 June. The newspaper writes that it is one of most critical statements in Brexit talks. Seehofer refore demands in letter that security of citizens must prevail in all areas of talks. Weakening Europe's security is affecting all EU citizens and is fundamental to need for security. At same time, ubiquitous international terrorism shows need for unlimited security cooperation in future.

In letter, Seehofer argues that Britain retains full access to European databases, including Schengen Information System for border controls, air passenger data, Europol's records and EU crime register Ecris. The departure of British must not necessarily be accompanied by security deficits, writes Seehofer.

According to newspaper, letter is not coordinated with Chancellor's office or or ministries. At request of newspaper, federal government did not want to take a position on "correspondence between Ministry of Interior and EU".

The government in London deplores fact that EU is pursuing a hard line in Brexit and will in future also exclude mutual warnings from secret services. During a visit by British Prime minister on Thursday in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel had said that, even after Brexit, her close cooperation in foreign and security policy was important. May had been strong for a seamless continuity of security cooperation.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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