European Union: Macron wants closed centres for refugees

France's president proposes reception camps in Europe and wants sanctions against States that do not accommodate migrants. National egoism would have to end.

European Union: Macron wants closed centres for refugees

Before EU special summit on refugee policy, France UndSpanien for establishment of closed reception camps on ground European Union. If refugees were once in EUangekommen, y should untergebrachtwerden "in closed centres", said French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday after a meeting with SpanischenMinisterpräsidenten Pedro Sánchez in Paris. The centres should be in accordance with requirements of UNHCR's UN refugee facility.

Macron also called for financial solidarity among EU countries to enable SchnelleBearbeitung of asylum applications. Rejected asylum seekers would have to be brought back to ir home countries – "and in no way to transit countries". At same time, Macron demanded European solidarity in reception of those refugees who have a right to asylum.

The French president spoke out in favour of financial sanctions, WennStaaten refuse to take up refugees. "It cannot be that countries that benefit significantly from EU solidarity refer to Ihrenationalen egoism when it comes to migration issues," said Macron.

"Cooperative solution that respects law"

So far, re are hardly any refugee shelters in EU that can be processed in DenenAsylanträge. A few are run by UNHCR in Greeceand Italy. The proposal of France and Spain provides for you to be established in country " destination of Nächstenliegt". That is a solution that is cooperative and respectful of law, said Macron. " We must abide by our principles and must not be pushed around by DenExtremen. "

The subject has developed Sichnach Macron's opinion on Einerpolitischen crisis, but not on a migration crisis. Or EU countries WieItalien want to take action against migrants. EU Council President Donald Tusk Hatvorgeschlagen that such centres eingerichtetwerden outside Europe.

On Sunday, representatives of at least 16 EU states will meet in Brussels to discuss how to deal with refugees. The informal Sondergipfelgilt as a crucial date to find Einergemeinsamen line before EU summit next week.

Besonderswichtig is meeting for Chancellor Angela Merkel: IhrKoalitionspartner CSU already wants to reject RegistrierteFlüchtlinge at border in or EU countries and is also willing to nationalenAlleingängen. Merkel wants a European-coordinated solution and for dieRückführung of refugees at least bilateral agreements. Because of dispute, coalition is already in crisis 100 days after taking office.

Date Of Update: 24 June 2018, 12:02

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