Family separation at US border: More than 500 children reunited with parents

After the illegal entry into the United States, the children had been separated from their parents. Now the US government has brought together a few hundred families again.

Family separation at US border: More than 500 children reunited with parents

In USA, more than 500 children, who were separated from ir parents when y entered country, are again united with ir families. The Ministry of Homeland Security, according to its own data, ended separate accommodation of 522 children. 16 or children were to be brought back to ir parents on Sunday.

The children had been taken away from ir parents in course of so-called zero tolerance policy. After severe criticism from home and abroad, President Donald Trump had abolished family divisions by decree.

A total of approximately 2,300 children were separated from ir parents according to US data. The remaining approximately 1,800 children, who are accommodated separately, are to be brought toger again with ir parents. The government has tracked down all children involved and is working to join m with ir families, ministry said. A small number of children will remain separated from ir families, because relatives cannot be confirmed that adult is a danger to child or is criminal. The ministry did not provide any information about date of furr mergers.

Now toger in custody

On order of Government, immigrant families at border with Mexico had been separated in past months: parents were in custody, ir children in detention camps. According to Trump Decree, children and parents are now to be imprisoned toger. However, regulation is temporary and still needs to be underpinned by law.

Several members of Democratic Party attended on Saturday facilities in which children were detained. California deputy Barbara Lee said after visiting a detention facility in McAllen in state of Texas, children re were traumatized. Trump's immigration policy called it "barbaric." The Democratic MEP Jackie spewing reported that she had seen five-year-old children detained in cells and cages.

In several US cities, protest campaigns against government's refugee policy had taken place on weekends.

Date Of Update: 25 June 2018, 12:02

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