Federal Constitutional Court: opposition complains against increase in party financing

The grand coalition had provided more tax money to the parties. The FDP, the left and the Greens want to have this plan checked by the Federal Constitutional Court.

Federal Constitutional Court: opposition complains against increase in party financing

The FDP, left and Greens want to have Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe examine increase in State party financing decided by grand coalition. The three Bundestag groups announced a standard-action lawsuit. A quarter of MEPs are needed for such a lawsuit, left and Greens wanted to sue after decision, but ir number of deputies was not enough. Now FDP joined. On Thursday morning, parliamentary managing directors Marco Buschmann (FDP), Jan Korte (linke) and Britta Haßelmann (greens) want to give an opinion on action.

In June Bundestag decided to raise State party financing with majority of votes of Union and SPD. The German Parties should refore receive a total of 190 million euros from next year – that is 25 million euros more than before. The government groups justified increase, among or things, with costs of increasing online communication and new data protection requirements. Critics consider reasons for being pushed forward and point to financial problems of SPD after ir poor performance in Bundestag election. It is also criticized that coalition did not seek a common line with opposition, which is usually case with changes in party financing. Even n, left and Greens had announced to examine a lawsuit.

The parties finance mselves with membership dues, donations, self-generated revenues and government grants, i.e. taxpayers ' money. The grants are dependent on election results in federal government and countries and usually account for about one third of revenue.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:02

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