Federal Ministry: Acts of violence of the NSU are not officially considered politically motivated

The murders of the right-extremist NSU are not considered politically motivated by official statistics. Instead, they are managed as organized crime.

Federal Ministry: Acts of violence of the NSU are not officially considered politically motivated

The murders of terrorist group "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) are not listed in official statistics of federal government on politically motivated acts of violence. Or offences of terrorist group, such as explosive attacks and bank robberies, are also missing. The research of online portal t-online.de.

The list of politically motivated violence in Germany was requested by AfD group in Bundestag. With a small request, this had requested data on politically motivated crimes since year 2000 in Germany. The federal government's response to question reveals that none of ten murders committed by National Socialist underground NSU are listed in federal government's statistics as politically motivated offences. Also or acts of violence that are put to NSU, for example explosives attacks with severely injured or bank robberies are missing in survey.

The Federal Ministry justifies this with a faulty categorization. The statistics are based on figures of Criminal Police Reporting service for politically motivated crime (KPMD-PMK). "This is an input statistic," a spokesman said to T-online. This means that offences are only recorded according to ir initial suspicions of entry. In case of NSU, investigators were initially left out of organised crime. Only 2011 it became clear that actions of NSU were politically motivated. In statistics, however, y continued to run under category of organized crime.

And also subsequently, data will probably not be corrected and considered as politically motivated crimes in statistics. The ministry shared that subsequent corrections would only be made until 31 January of following year.

Since 2001, Criminal Intelligence service has been collecting politically motivated crimes. This was preceded by criticism from civil society. Thus, official figures about extreme right-wing violence in Germany often differ very much from data, non-governmental organizations or press information. Thus, non-governmental organizations and press for years 1990 to 2000 of 93 were victims of right-of-law violence – but in official statistics of federal government, only 25 deaths were reported. Later, number was increased to 36.

Date Of Update: 10 September 2018, 12:00

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