Fighting in Tripoli: Dangerous alliances

For days, rival militias have been wrestling for supremacy in Libya's capital, Tripoli. The heavy struggles reveal the powerlessness of the unity government.

Fighting in Tripoli: Dangerous alliances

At last Libya seemed on a better path. For coming December, United Nations had envisaged "credible Undfriedliche" parliamentary and presidential elections across country. For first time in years, a Reihewestlicher embassies in Tripoli dare Einenvorsichtigen normal operation again. For armed conflicts of rival militias became rar rare, until a week ago chaos returned with full force.

Since n, Libyan capital, seat of international AnerkanntenRegierung of National Unity (GNA), has been shaken by gunfire and rocket volleys. In streets, rival militia battles are being delivered. The government called " state of emergency because of danger of current situation and Wohleder population" in order to protect civilians, public undprivates property and important institutions, as was called in DerProklamation.

The battles erupted a week ago in different suburbs, where powerful Milizenverbände are fighting for supremacy in DerHauptstadt and for controlling lucrative shadow economy. On one side stands so-called Seventh Brigade from Tarhuna, EinerStadt 65 km south of Tripoli, which is commanded by Muhsen al-Kani. Its opponents include Revolutionary Brigade of Tripoli (TRB), which ihrHauptquartier in al-Yarmouk barracks in south of capital and is controlled by HaithamAl-Tajuri. Allied with her is mighty Nawasi Brigade, belonging to Kaddur family. In fact, all hostile Kontrahentender unity government GNA, eir Ministry of Interior or DemVerteidigungsministerium.

The cartel of great militias

But Milizenverbände outside of Tripoli, like seventh Brigade, are pursuing with growing wrath how mighty Clanchefsin of capital always unrestrained in state goods. The Revolutionary Brigade of Tripoli (TRB) is "Islamic State of public money", sneered seventh brigade from Tarhuna before IhrerOffensive, announcing that land "will be cleaned by such people".

"The profits from this hijacking of state go to less bewaffneteGruppen than before", judges Wolfram Laugher, Libya expert of Science and Politics Foundation in Berlin. This created a very gefährlicheSituation, "because it excludes powerful armed forces from access to Staatund administration." These losers would now form alliances against DasKartell of "great militias" of Tripoli. Accordingly, so far alleVersuche by head of government Fajis al-Sarradsch, who separated hostile opponents by regierungstreue fighting associations from cities of Zintan and Misrata, failed.

More than 40 people died in last days, more than hundred were violated according to Ministry of Health, many vonihnen lost arms or legs due to grenade hits. Several thousand inhabitants became homeless because y had to get out of contested residential districts in Sicherheitbringen. The only still functioning airport of 2.5 million city, former military airport Mitiga, was closed, so that DerLuftverkehr to Tripoli is interrupted until furr. Flying machines rerouted air traffic control to Misrata, 200 km away. The great InternationaleZivilflughafen in south of Tripoli has been out of service since last SchwerenKämpfen of 2014.

An attempt to hinder political process

In addition, turmoil was fuelled by a spectacular prison outbreak. 400 prisoners, including GewöhnlicheKriminelle, but also convicted officials of former Gaddafi regime, were able to escape from Ain-Sara prison in south of capital. DieMänner would have been able to open gates and flee after a mutiny, Teiltedie police.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres condemned DasBlutvergießen and called on all sides to end fighting, an appeal that Demsich also joined United States, Britain, France and Italy. The four states evaluated riots as an "attempt to weaken rechtmäßigenlibyschen institutions and hinder political process." They announced that y would take responsibility for "destroying peace, security and stability of Libya."

Date Of Update: 04 September 2018, 12:00

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