France: Macron moves to the right

A fugitive who saves a child; A farmer who takes up migrants – and also an aggravated asylum law: France is arguing about dealing with refugees.

France: Macron moves to the right
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    First re was undocumented fugitive who saved a child.

    Last week, Mamoudou, with his bare hands, climbed four floors to rescue a four-year-old who hung on a balcony above abyss. The video was clicked millions of times, a hero. The 22-year-old met with French President, immediately received French nationality and hired Paris fire Brigade. A cinematic story about Spiderman-named Man from Mali. With cheers on one side.

    And conspiracy ories on or. After all, right and right-wing extremist websites doubted aunticity of rescue operation a short time later. In order to get a passport, I was told by Internet. Hardly imaginable, because after all, child and SAMA did not know, and moreover, parents would certainly not hang ir child over balcony for such a life-threatening spectacle. But Fakedebatte shows that French society is tense and ready to fight over refugees at any moment.

    Between hardliners and indomitable

    The eternal quarrel between left and right has also not been able to end now one year reigning President Emmanuel Macron. In campaign, he was a middleman between hardliners on right, who do not want to allow refugees to enter, and socialists and leftist Insoumis ( indomitable) who found that France should take an example of Germany and more Refugees.

    Since n, as so often in his first year, Macron has been robbed of his middle ground on right side. His law called "Asylum and Immigration" was adopted a few weeks ago and is mainly designed to deter refugees.

    France-Citizenship for Life Saver Mamadou, who fled to France, saved life of a four-year-old child. For his courage, President Macron now told him French citizenship. © Photo: Photo/Thibault Camus, pool

    In eyes of many frenchwomen and Frenchmen, a daily refugee drama takes place: France has not created necessary number of accommodation for years – out of idea of being able to deter fleeing men, women and children. And also because re is nothing to gain with new refugee homes. So many refugees are in tent cities. In past few days, three camps with more than 2,500 people were demolished in Paris.

    Since n, refugees have been in temporary homes like sports halls. It is not first time: Since 2015, 37 of such camps have been dissolved, but re are also many similar. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, accused government of impoverishing refugees and leaving m without fresh water and toilets in middle of vegetate capital. The government, in turn, pushes responsibility of city of Paris.

    Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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