France: Macron staff to attack demonstrators

French President Emmanuel Macron must justify an employee's behavior. He was supposed to have beaten a man in Paris.

France: Macron staff to attack demonstrators

An employee of French President Emmanuel Macron should have attacked a human physically during a demonstration in Paris. The Public prosecutor's office confirmed that y had taken preinvestigations. A video is supposed to show security man how he beats a young man.

According to French newspaper Le Monde, during a demonstration on May 1, man attacked a young man in context of a police mission. The newspaper wants to have identified employee macron on a video. He was also recognizable when he was touching and laxative a young woman. The employee wore a police helmet, although he was not a cop. He was responsible for Macron's security during 2017 presidential election campaign, according to newspaper. The prosecutor's office is now investigating accusations of violence of a person with a public mandate and presumption of office.

Macron does not want to comment

In France, case is a great stir. A spokesman for Élysée Palace spoke of a "non-unacceptable behaviour". The employee had been exempted for 15 days, and during this time he did not receive any salary. This kind of punishment is last warning against possible dismissal. He was also no longer responsible for security organization for travel of head of State. After suspension, however, he returned to staff of Macron to see Undwar on a series of Reuters photos next to president.

Theman only had permission to participate as Beobachteran of demonstration, said Élysée spokesman. However, he had "far exceeded" approval granted. A reservist of gendarmerie had accompanied him. This was also punished after deployment. The speaker did not comment on concrete incidents on 1 May.

Macron himself did not want to comment on accusations. Addressed to incident, he merely dropped sentence: "The Republic is immutable."

Opposition criticized behavior Macron

Political opponents demand clarification from president. They accuse him of not having given case to authorities right away. Laurent Wauquiez, head of conservative Republicans, called video "shocking". You have feeling that chief's followers are above law. "It is clear that Emmanuel Macron has to express himself and must fully clarify this situation," he told radio station Europe 1.

Socialist chief Olivier Faure also spoke out for investigation. "I want this affair to be uncovered and to follow proper penalties," he told TV channel France 2. A spokesman for right-wing Populist party rally National (National Collection Movement, formerly Front National) attacked Macron: "Slowly but surely France becomes a kind of dictatorship in hands of an almighty, immature president."

Date Of Update: 20 July 2018, 12:02

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