G7 summit: Chancellor does not want to pretend to be all right

Perhaps the G7 countries do not agree on a statement that the dispute with US President Trump will determine its summit. Angela Merkel wants to address the problems openly.

G7 summit: Chancellor does not want to pretend to be all right

The summit of seven major economic powers has begun with an open dispute between G7 partners and US president Donald Trump, and furr conflicts are already on point. Chancellor Angela Merkel decidedly rejected Trump's utterly surprising demand for Russia's resumption of group. Germany, France, Italy and EU representatives agreed that Russia's return to G7 could only be in "substantial progress" with regard to problems with Ukraine, Merkel said at edge of summit. "That was common opinion." Russia had been expelled from group because of annexation of Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea 2014.

More than 40 years after its founding, community of values threatens to split at its summit until Saturday at Eastern Canadian La Malbaie near Quebec. Anyway, meeting of Heads of State and Government is overshadowed by massive differences of Europeans with Trump over American punitive duties, his exit from Paris climate treaty and from nuclear agreement with Iran. Observers, such as participants in Summit, consider it extremely questionable wher re will be a joint final communiqué at all.

Canada-Bad mood at G7 summit in Canada is overshadowed by Europeans ' differences with US president Trump over American punitive tariffs and his exit from nuclear agreement with Iran. Opponents of meeting protested in Quebec City. © Photo: Leah Millis/Reuters TV

In view of Chancellor Merkel, a missing G7 declaration would not be end of club of most important western industrial countries. "It is more honest to name disagreements and to continue to work to overcome m than to do now, as if everything were in order," Merkel said after first working session. She cannot say at this stage wher it will be possible to get a joint declaration on Saturday. We have not yet talked about controversial issues of trade and climate. "In my view, it is important that we do not fall behind agreement we have made over past years," she said.

As regards trade dispute, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that EU would try again to talk to Trump about US tariffs on steel and aluminium products that were considered illegal. But you will not negotiate with a "Colt at head".

But EU also did not seem to agree. The Russia-friendly newcomer in circle, Italy's new head of government Giuseppe Conte, reacted spontaneously positively to Trump's proposal, even if Merkel later said that he was part of resistance of EU leaders. Conte also seemed to be distancing itself from EU in trade dispute with USA. They wanted to weigh positions of partners. Italy also wants to advocate a "larger dialogue" on Russia's sanctions.

Bad mood at summit

In "family photo" Heads of State and Government were more likely to enter and give photographer a short smile. Only a few followed example of Canadian Prime Minister and host Justin Trudeau and waved into cameras. After a short shot in front of natural backdrop of St. Lawrence River, Merkel took US president to side and intensively spoke to him, while ors returned to luxurious conference hotel. It remained unclear what both of m were talking about.

After ir exchange of ideas about trade and or questions via Twitter, French president Emmanuel Macron and Trump met for a two-talk. The Frenchman wrote on Twitter: "In dialogue, still and over again." He won't let loose and try to convince Trump. Macron had fiercely attacked Trump on Thursday because of differences in trade, phasing out of climate protection and agreement to prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb.

Trump wants to leave summit early

Against backdrop of disputes, Trump wants to leave meeting on Saturday early. According to White House, he will travel directly to Singapore, where he meets with North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un on Tuesday to a historic summit. At meeting in Asian city-state, US president wants to persuade dictator to disarm nuclear.

The summit of Heads of State and Government in strictly shielded and remote La Malbaie was accompanied by protests in Quebec, 150 kilometers away. "The G7 do not represent us", stood on posters. After largely peaceful demonstrations of several hundreds on Thursday, more radical group had called for a "day of disorder". A massive array of around 10,000 policemen and soldiers are mobilized to provide security.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:01

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