G7 summit: Felt G6

G7, this is the format in which one speaks to peers. With Donald Trump everything is different. But despite all the disputes, there are plenty of common interests.

G7 summit: Felt G6

On streets of Quebec City, a German flag is burning, as opponents of globalization on Friday to fire beacons shout out ir rage at G7 summit, which meets a short helicopter flight on hills of luxury resorts of La Malbaie. "Down with WTO" and "radical fantasy" are some of slogans with which activists initiate ir "day of disruption".

Perhaps you are not quite sure how close you are to US President Donald Trump's mood.

He has also come to Canada to celebrate a "day of disruption", he also hates international organizations like WHO or IMF and "globalists", he also has a radical imagination. For a year, hosts Justin Trudeau and French president Emmanuel Macron's at Trump had tried schmoozing – playing golf with wives in Eiffel Tower Dines – and bearing that he knocked scales off lapel.

It didn't use anything: Trump put a slap in his new friends by imposing import duties on steel and aluminum as well as cars – with astonishing justification that y were hurting national security of United States. When a angry Trudeau disliked a few days before summit on phone pointed out how that could be, after all, Canadian soldiers died on side of ir American comrades in Afghanistan and elsewhere, crowed Trump returned: "Did you guys not The White House burned down? " Well, those were British. About 200 years ago.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has always observed bromance between Macron and Trump with great scepticism. Their line does not have as many rashes as those of younger gentlemen who were about to trump Chair in front of door. It calls customs duties "illegal", but is prepared to talk about German trade surplus. But instead of taking what Trump basically wants, namely that all value chains will be transferred to US, Merkel wants to help American medium to take a foothold in Europe – provided that German companies in USA no longer have so many Overcome obstacles. Even Trump's criticism that Germans do not give up enough for defense, Merkel finds quite plausible.

But, of course, Chancellor cannot deny that G7 – old white Urformat of West, which once started as a "library group" in White House library in a good whiskey – is in crisis. After day one of summit in Canada, it is unclear wher it is still being brought to a joint declaration. And why even G7? Is it not necessary to talk to China and again with Russia, which is no longer re because of annexation of Crimea? With Brazil and India?

Respect for human rights – basics

No, G7, this is format for Germans, in which one talks to peers. Under democracies. Respect human rights. The basics stop.

One of new basics, just under a President Justin Trudeau, is this year's breakfast, which is about gender mainstreaming and empowering women. It starts in a few hours. Trump will be re. He still pulls this in, n he leaves summit prematurely. He does not want to talk about plastic in seas any more, and ors have decided that y would rar continue working with communiqué of last year – in which climate protection is still being discussed – than with something that has been diluted. Then stop without Trump.

How did Barack Obama say after his farewell to Merkel? "Now she is all alone." In fact, field becomes narrower. Even transatlanticist Merkel does not want to "cobble" any differences of opinion. But with George W. Bush re have already been summits in which cohesion of West appeared to be extremely porous because of Iraq war. Ronald Reagan's medium-range missiles on European soil also triggered a political earthquake.

A test case for cohesion of G6 minus Trump was Russia question. The new Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, had joined Trump's demand to bring her back to table. After a meeting with ors, re was no longer any mention of it.

And yet, despite all quarrels, G7 has plenty of common interests: fight against terrorism, containment of North Korea, Iranian military activities in Middle East and expansion of China. The fight against illegal migration. Trump seems to see this quite similar – radical fantasies back or forth. Why else would he have come?

Date Of Update: 09 June 2018, 12:01

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