Gaza: Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel

Israel had perpetrated the most violent air strikes in Gaza since 2014 after Palestinian attacks. A ceasefire should have been agreed under the mediation of Egypt.

Gaza: Hamas announces ceasefire with Israel

After violent violence with Israel, Hamas ruling in Gaza has announced a ceasefire on Saturday night. Hamas spokesman Fausi Barhum shared that Egyptian efforts to calm situation would have been successful. A spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not want to comment on this. He said Israeli army's furr action depends on situation on ground.

Militant Palestinians in Gaza Strip had attacked Israel on Saturday with 100 rockets and mortar grenades, as Israeli army shared. Israel's air force simultaneously bombarded dozens of Hamas targets in coastal strip. In an attack on a Hamas building in Gaza, according to Ministry of Health, two Palestinian youths were killed at age of 15 and 16. 14 or people were injured. The Israeli army described air raids as most violent since Gaza war in year 2014. Netanyahu threatened to escalate attacks in Gaza Strip, with rocket attacks by militant Palestinians on Israel.

The clashes began on Friday. Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli army had once again delivered violent clashes at border of Gaza Strip. According to Ministry of Health in Gaza, a 15-year-old boy was killed. Later, a 20-year-old also succumbed to his gunshot wounds, as Ministry shared. 220 or Palestinians were injured.

According to army, an Israeli soldier was also injured. Israel accused demonstrators of having attacked security forces, among or things, with grenades and incendiary sets. In response to se "terrorist actions," Israeli military had announced air strikes against Hamas.

The bombardments were " biggest offensive since Protective edge" ("Protective line"), said Brigadier General Zvika Chaimowitsch. The Army mission in June 2014 lasted 50 days. More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed, most of m civilians. Even 74 Israelis died, most of m were soldiers.

Since end of March, Palestinians have protested again and again on border between Israel and Gaza, which has been sealed off by Israel for years. At least 141 Palestinians were killed and around 4,000 injured.

The Palestinians are calling for an end to Gaza blockade, which had been imposed more than ten years ago, and a right of return to Israeli territory. They refer to exodus and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people in wake of Israeli state Formation 1948.

Date Of Update: 15 July 2018, 12:02

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