Gaza Strip: Israeli army stops Palestinian protest ship

In protest at the closure of the Gaza Strip, some Palestinians wanted to break through the Israeli naval blockade by ship. But the military intercepted the ship.

Gaza Strip: Israeli army stops Palestinian protest ship

Dieisraelische Army, according to its own data, intercepted a ship coming from Gaza, which wanted to break blockade in protest at closure of Gaza Strip. According to military data, diePassagiere are searched and n brought to naval base Ashdod. Aboard protest ship were sichneun persons, among m several wounded.

Hundreds of people were to port of Gazagekommen when boat took off. " We are determined to break blockade, "DerOrganisator Raed Abu Deir announced. Later, organizers told m that y had broken Israeli naval blockade before Gaza Strip. Your boat left six-mile zone and was on your way to Cyprus.

At end of May, a small Palestinian fleet had already been stabbed in sea to break blockade. She was also quickly detained by Israeli military.

Since March 30, protestierenBewohner of Gaza Strip along border fence separating enclave of Israel. There have been several violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli military. There were numerous deaths and wounding on Palestinian side. According to Israeli data, flying kites set in fire by Palestinians since end of March have caused hundreds of fires in border area and caused millions of damage to property. 28 square kilometres of land in south of Israel were destroyed. In addition, helium balloons with small explosives from Gaza landed in Israel.

Only goods transition closed

Ammon's event concluded Israel as only transfer of goods to Gaza Strip because of ongoing attacks by Palestinians with incendiary sets. Fürhumanitäre supplies such as food and medicine remain open to border crossing Kerem Shalom on basis of case-wise decisions, Army informed. It excludes import and export of all or goods, including construction materials and agricultural products from Gaza. The military also limited fishing zone to six nautical miles. Due to seasonal conditions, limit is usually nine nautical miles off coast at this time of year.

The extensive closure of last transfer of goods should furr aggravate already precarious supply situation in Gaza Strip. More than two thirds of population depend on relief supplies. The United Nations criticized decision. "Humanitarian assistance is not a substitute for trade undGewerbe," said UN Middle East envoy Nikolai Mladenov. He demanded that DieEntscheidung be reversed. At same time, Hamas and AndereOrganisationen should stop sending fire dragons.

The Gaza Strip has been largely cordoned off since 2007 Islamist Hamas took over power. It fights state of Israel militarily and is classified both by Israel and by EU and United States as a terrorist organization.

Date Of Update: 11 July 2018, 12:02

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