Gaza Strip: Palestinians killed in clashes

After an attack by a Palestinian group on Israel, a Palestinian was shot. According to the army, the group had fire bombs thrown.

Gaza Strip: Palestinians killed in clashes

In case of violent riots on Gaza border, a Palestinian was shot. Of 8,000 Palestinians who, according to Israeli military, had tried to damage DieSicherheitseinrichtungen, at least 220 were injured, Teiltedas Health ministry in Gaza. Of se, 90 were injured by sharp ammunition.

According to Israeli army, Palestinian group had invaded national territory across border, throwing incendiary bombs and EinenSprengsatz. She n returned to Gaza Strip. As a result, an Israeli tank has a military base of Hamasangegriffen in Gaza Strip. Dieradikalislamische organisation is classified as a terrorist organization by Israel, EU and USA and has set itself goal of destroying Israel.

The attack by Palestinians was youngest of a series of violent actions and protests that began at end of March. Since n, 156 Palestinians have been killed in protests and violent disputes, according to Ministry of Finance of Gaza. An Israeli Soldatwurde shot.

The aim of weekly protest is to reach end of blockade of Gaza Strip, which has been elfJahrening since n. Israel and Egypt imposed blockade after Hamas took over power in year 2007.

Updated Date: 04 August 2018, 12:00

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