Gaza Strip: Two Palestinians killed in clashes

In protests at the border with Israel, there were again deaths and hundreds of casualties. According to the Israeli military, Hamas had attacked soldiers.

Gaza Strip: Two Palestinians killed in clashes

Violent protests have once again come to border between Gaza and Israel. According to Palestinian information, two people were killed and dozens injured. A spokesman for Ministry of Health said that a paramedic was shot east of city of Rafah by Israeli soldiers. A 55-year-old man had also been killed in same area. At least 85 Palestinians were injured by gunshots, 131 ors had been wounded elsewhere.

According to speaker, paramedic was a volunteer of government's rescue forces in Gaza. He is at least second medical helper who was killed in protests at border. The clashes between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli army have been on hold since March.

The Israeli military shared that militants of radical Islamic Hamas had thrown "explosives and incendiary bombs" and a grenade at Israeli soldiers. In return, a tank fire was opened on post of Hamas.

On Wednesday evening and Thursday, Hamas and Israeli army had fierce battles. More than 180 missiles were fired from Gaza to Israel. Through bombardment, seven people were injured. The Israeli army responded with bombardments in Gaza Strip, where three people died. A ceasefire agreed between Hamas and Israel had a first effect.

Also this Friday, according to Israeli data, several thousand Palestinians had demonstrated in several places near border. They put tires on fire and threw stones, as AFP journalists reported. Compared to last few weeks, however, fewer people took part in protests.

Date Of Update: 11 August 2018, 12:00

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