Genocide of the Herero and Nama: Herero-leader apparently not invited to ceremony to Germany

Representatives from Namibia are to receive skulls of murdered Herero and NAMA, which are stored in German museums. The leader of the Herero laments not to be invited to do so.

Genocide of the Herero and Nama: Herero-leader apparently not invited to ceremony to Germany

The traditional leader of Herero, Vekuii Rukoro, was not invited to a ceremony in Germany on occasion of genocide of Herero and Nama. The federal government will take over cost of travel and accommodation for a 25-member delegation from Namibia, said Rukoro. "My name was excluded because I was brought to court against Germany." From German side re was initially no confirmation that Rukoro was not invited.

At end of August a ceremony is planned in Berlin, in which representatives from Namibia are to be handed over several skulls, which originate from time of German colonial rule in n German-Southwest Africa (1884 – 1915). The skulls of murdered relatives of tribes of Herero and Nama were partly transferred to possession of German museums. The Evangelical Church organized event, it was said by Overseas museum in Bremen. The museum owns two of skulls.

Herero leader Rukoro said that certain religious rituals would have to be observed in return of skulls. These would have to be carried out by priests and "not by any hands and Kunz". Rukoro has been paramount chief of Herero since 2014. The title is translated as Chief chieftain.

The African ethnic groups Herero and Nama sued Germany for compensation in New York. According to historians, German troops had killed 65,000 of 80,000 Herero and at least 10,000 of 20,000 Nama in German-southwest Africa. Two and a half years ago, federal government officially spoke of genocide for first time, but declined compensation figures so far.

In a judicial hearing in New York, issue was negotiated this Thursday. Germany had requested that Herero and Nama be dismissed because United States was not competent. The plaintiffs, on or hand, argue that German Reich government has acquired real estate with revenue from federal robbery of Herero and Nama in New York. Federal judge Laura Taylor Swain said at end of hearing that she would not yet decide on federal government's request. She did not know a date for her decision.

Date Of Update: 01 August 2018, 12:00

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