Gerd Müller: Development minister criticizes planned budget cuts

Escape causes could be reduced on the spot by development aid, Müller stresses. The cutbacks of his budget 2019 made human and economic little sense.

Gerd Müller: Development minister criticizes planned budget cuts

Development Minister Gerd Müller (CSU) criticized planned cuts in his budget in federal budget 2019. "I do not understand why everyone talks about escape causes, and finance Minister n saves money in development cooperation," he told new press in Passau with a view to budget plans of his Cabinet colleague Olaf Scholz (SPD). Previously, development policy umbrella organisation Venro criticized financial planning. Shortly after 2018 budget, cabinet had also decided on Friday budget for coming year.

According to "pleasing result" for current year "with a noticeable growth", minister asked for 2019 to be "improved". "According to medium-term financial planning, budget of my ministry will be cut by one billion euros per year from 2020." It is inhumane to leave people in crisis countries alone.

This is what Federal Republic of Germany is also human and economically expensive to stand for, CSU politician warned. It costs "only 15 cents a day to save a human life in Yemen or in Rohyinga camps". On or hand, in Germany, for supply of a refugee between 50 and 100 euros per day. Müller recently announced that it would significantly increase return programme for refugees with half a billion euros per year.

"With every euro we can achieve hundredfold effect on ground and give people New hope," Müller explained. He called it "absolutely incomprehensible" that ODA quota, which is percentage of public expenditure on development cooperation in gross domestic product, is declining again. Müller also demanded from Brussels: "The Africa funds must be at least doubled."

Medium-term financial planning from 2021 to 2027 is to increase funds from 4.5 to 5.5 billion euros per year. "That's far too little," says Müller.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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